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In order to get your links specific to each trading signals service in addition to the links to selling trials to the signals,  you need to access the page on the other side.  We use a script to take one Clickbank account with multiple products on it and produce individual links to each product.   We use Clickbank this way because of the variety of services, different marketing experiments and different tests of different systems over time which if we had individual accounts would create a mess with our membership software.  So register below. 

We'll also alert of of a TON of opportunities for you to potentially make a lot of money selling our other systems in options, binary options, emini futures, Forex and stocks.  We have HUNDREDS of products you can sell.  Just keep popping presell emails into your list and let the profits roll...

  • Commissions are based on what is set as a commission payout on the affiliate page of that product.  But for signals, affiliate commissions are usually 50% of the sale and 50% recurring of the sale.
  • With signals check to see the platform we are using.  As of this moment we are focused on using Clickbank due to ease of use for everyone involved, particularly affiliates.   So if using Clickbank make sure to check out our other Clickbank products so you can cross promote, upsell promote with the same cookie.
  • Great solid services designed to help people generate cash flow!  Join yourself and potentially compound your affiliate earnings.
  • Payouts:  as Clickbank Pays out
  • NOTE:  We have a TON of other products you can promote from lower ticket courses and strategies to higher ticket strategies and system for some heavy duty affiliate commissions.  We will redirect you to those two platforms for opportunities to promote super solid, excellent products in:  binary options, vanilla options, Forex, Stocks, Futures, day trading, swing trading, trend trading, chart pattern trading - the selection and opportunity is mind blowing.  The opportunities for 4, 5, 6 figures a MONTH are right there.  So get on our contact, announcement and training list by registering below.
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