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Systems Based Options Signals for the Intent of Generating an Extra Monthly Paycheck(s) from the Options Market...

The Desired End Result Is: "An Extra Monthly Paycheck".  So We Took that Concept and Created a System that Would Fit But Would Also Work for a Signals Service.

"Can I Actually Extra Monthly Paycheck with Your Service?"

  • We hope so!   Chances are good with good money management position sizes. But we can't make you any promises, guarantees of future returns etc...  You should know that  by now in the markets.  But an an extra monthly paycheck for less than 5, 10 minutes of 'work' per trading night is fun to think about for sure!
  • Speaking of which, what does copying these signals entail?  Well if you want to copy our signals that's up to you and we are not suggesting you do so nor are we telling you what to do, giving you advice and the like.  In order to put on a Monthly Paychecks Signals trade it takes a few seconds to login, choose option order, buy calls or buy puts, pick the option, then set the contingent order price trigger which is included in the signal.
  • If you want to set a contingent order stop then we tell you how to do so.
  • We'll tell you which options we like to buy.
  • We tell you how to take profits ahead of time.
  • That's it.  We've simplified the process so it's clear and concrete.
  • For maximum benefit it would be good to watch the signals for a while.  Paper trade or virtual trade (if your virtual trader works correctly).  If one want's to copy our signals trading tiny is important to get a good feel.  But having proper money management is utterly critical.  Too big and too fast in position sizing never works and the sweet spot must be found.  We'll explain position sizing in the members area.  So sign up to learn.

We've taken the concept, the desire of adding an additional "Monthly Paycheck"  and reversed engineered that concept with a new method that can put us in a very good probability position for an extra monthly paychecks.   By doing so we had to cover a few concepts:

  1. The markets, or a stock rather behaves differently from month to month.  So we needed a method that could handle most different types of price behavior, which tends to cycle, in a consistent way.
  2. We look to trade in a way that can average us out an extra monthly paycheck for cash flow
  3. We also look to target this monthly paycheck so it could be done, traded totally on the side hardly taking up much any extra time, 10 minutes or less.
  4. We wanted a method that could be really sold so we could generate increasing cash flow over time and develop net worth
  5. So we figured out this Monthly Paycheck System that you can now access through signals in real time.

Options Trading Signals Service Aiming for the Extra Monthly Paycheck!

  • These are options trading signals based on stocks sent to you via email
  • We have simplified the process over time with trading signals to make it as stress and worry free as possible. 
  • You get to manage your own subscription - we know that's everyone's worry so you can cancel if you decide to do so for whatever reason via Clickbank.  It's so easy and you don't have to depend on emailing us.  Frankly I don't think you'll ever want to cancel but I thought I'd mention to remove that worry.
  • You get to know your own exits before hand so  you're not in a panic worrying when to get out of a profit able trade.  Stop losses via contingent orders are provided as well before hand.
  • You get to participate in our awesome Monthly Paychecks System!  Frankly I'm not quite sure why we've released access to this system via signals service because it's so good but we feel like we need to help some folks, or at least try to do so and not be "oinkers".    So enjoy this service while we offer it.  And get in before the membership becomes full.
  • Signals will be delivered via email sometime before the markets open.   We like to try and get the signals out after the markets before the next day.
  • You can see how many trades show up on average per month below.
  • Each entry is it's own trade.  We don' t necessarily get out of one trade because we have a trade in a new direction. But point is that there is a nice pace of trades per month that provides a moderate amount of activity.

$97/month - Click to Signup:

Performance Results:

The results are grouped by months.  Individual trade results to the left.  "17-Jan" Means January 2017.  The "Month's Result in Options Points" is what you want to be looking at for the bottom line picture of the Monthly Paychecks System performance.   You receive signals based on the system via email when the signal set up.

See approximate options points:  Options are approximate because of several factors such as:  which strike you choose (we'll tell you what we are doing though), volatility factorings in premium (i.e. premium can get puffed up before earnings then release after earnings), slippage, premium decay etc.  We look to buy options out in time but not too far out in time in order to reduce premium decay rates.  But more on that in the members area you'll see after you sign up. 

You'll see the position size amounts approximated profits/loss based on 10 contracts, 20, 50, 100.  Different folks trade different position sizes. Each amount under "contracts" could have been the approximated profit, or rather the approximate "Monthly Paycheck" per that position size if one traded the system rules accordingly.  

So for example:  in a very nice month in WYNN on 20 contracts roughly "at the money" in strike you could have had monthly paychecks of $32,208.50 then $4,928.00 then $9,416.00... and so on by following the system signals just as the system calls them all in under 10 minutes a night "work". 


$97/month - Click to Signup:

So How Does This Work?

  1. Just sign up and you'll get access to the instructions.  We use contingent price order triggers for entry and exit making trading options "as easy as pie".  It's super simple.  You'll get it quickly.  If you have any questions you can always ask and we'll clarify. 
  2. We will keep everything super simple.  So no "thinking" needed (except of course to study charts and learn if you want).   And we email you the signal after the markets close to somewhere in the evening. 
  3. The monthly paycheck concept is an "on average" concept.  This means, the markets, stocks will do different things each month.  Some months will be absolutely beautiful.  Some months will be lame.  But do understand this:  lame is usually followed by beautiful.  And beautiful months can be followed by more beautiful months but some times lame months too.  You can see in the performance results.
  4. We will follow a trading system.   No guessing the market.  No chasing emotions or any other lame concept.  See the systems results below to get a picture of the nature of this system.
  5. This is vanilla options trading.  We buy calls.  We buy puts.  That's it.   We give you entry and exits by email.  We try to keep this simple as possible.  We want you to be able to process the signal in under 5 minutes including looking at a price chart.
  6. We are not your advisors nor can we tell you what to do.  Understand that this is an information service where we put out trading signals according to the Monthly Paychecks system.  We look to use the system for our own trading.  We could miss signals on our own system as well although that is rare.   We are simply sharing what we know to you in real time for:  1. education:  so you can follow a solid system in real time  2. Motivation:  seeing professional trading in real time can help with focus, help prevent getting suckered into one of those "emotionalized hair brained last second trading ideas that pop into our heads out of nowhere that never win...".  Plus it's highly motivating seeing smart trading in real time 3. If you want to copy our trades that's up that's your business.  Do understand we don't claim to be your advisor


  1. How do I mange my subscription if I want to stop my subscription for whatever reason?
    1. The good news is that we have simplified our signal services to reduce the management on our side and your side. We have decided to go with Clickbank for the management of your subscription billing. That puts you in control and you can cancel whenever you want directly with them.  We know how it goes subscribing to signal services and memberships and we understand that you want control just as we would over your billing and don't want to waste time or be worried about being able to cancel when you want.
  2. How many signals will I get per month?
    1. Usually it's about 2 to 4.  Also you can simply take a look at the performance record and if it's not broken down into months then simply take the year and divide it by 12.  You can get a picture of the quantity of signals that way. Do understand also that quantity of signals should not be equated to value or the amount you're paying for your membership. Some people get the mistaken idea that they should get quantities of signals because they are paying a monthly membership, then they realize that too many signals is too overwhelming. 
  3. Can I get rich off your signals? 
    1. Maybe! We hope so for your sake. We make no promises or imply any future returns....
  4. "How much time will it take me to follow your signals?" 
    1. It should only take 5 to 10 minutes at night or less to set a price based trigger contingent order if one decides to copy our signals.  But it depends how you are using or signals. Using them as an educational inspirational thing to follow, for learning sake, while getting the gist of trading professionally in real time, or for the sake of inspiring your own trading ideas would take longer because you are using the signals to study. 
  5. "What's the best way to use your trading signals?" 
    1. Well I'll answer that from a personal standpoint: There are different ways that this signal service can be of benefit: 1. I would use the signal service to give me trading ideas and real time.  And if I liked the signals, felt comfortable with them over tim I would then run the signals systematically.  
      1. So I would use for study, and additional trading ideas in that case.    2. Or I would use purely for inspiration watching super Traders execute systems in real time while I do my own thing. 3. Or and then I would assign a small amount of money to copying the trades of the signal service and then when I feel comfortable with the feel of the signal service then I would add more normal positions and look to turn that into a cash flow stream. 4. Or if I was a beginner I would use the signal service to practice trading on paper or use a demo account.  

$97/month - Click to Signup:


Just for proper understanding of this trading signal service or any of our trading signal services:  We are not your advisors. We are not telling you to buy or sell although it may seem so through a " trading signal service". We provide trading signals to show you what we are doing or rather what one of our trading systems are calling out for buy and sell orders. If you decide to copy are trading signals then that is your decision and your responsibility. We do not imply that you will make money from our service. There are many ways to screw up in trading even with the best trading system there is.

Please do understand that and make sure you learn how to trade properly starting from the basic mechanics all the way to understanding the inner game of trading.  Our desire is to see you succeed, actually succeed.  We hope you can become a good Trader and make money over time and then compounded over time.  But we make no promises whatsoever for your success using our trading signals or our trading systems or strategies because firstly we cannot promise you future results and secondly there are many factors that go into trading well and not messing up.

We state these things for understanding for the sake of helping put oneself in the best mindset to succeed. It takes a certain amount of Mastery in order to become a successful Trader. No one is born a successful Trader. We all must learn and Achieve mastery.

We hope that our signal Services can encourage you to think more in line with professional Trading.  

Understand that we also offer many courses, systems and strategies to help you learn how to trade better and better.  You can find these at our other sites.