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  • Get motivation by having great systematic trading signals to help you keep focused on the best of opportunities while avoiding getting tripped up into mediocre trades by the marketplace.
  • OMNI8 trades in about 5 minutes a night - that's it.  Options orders use contingent orders.
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Discover the Super Powerful OMNI8 Trading Signals Service Run on the OMNI8 Trading System for Stocks and Options.

Theses are swing trading signals designed to take advantage of intramonthly price swings in the hopes of netting out an extra. "monthly paycheck". Register for more information. This signal service could be the "ticket" you're lookiing for in the markets.

Systems Based Swing Trading Options Signals for Cash Flow with the Focus of Generating an Extra Monthly Paycheck(s) from the Options Market...

  • GS Current Average = 9.67 Stock Profit Points Per Month
  • CAT Current Average = 7.33 Stock Profit Points Per Month
  • WYNN Current Average = 13.15 Stock Profit Points Per Month

Discover How You Can Receive Our Breakthrough New Trading System Entries and Exits in Real Time so You Can Learn and Copy if You Want.

  • This is a trading signals service with excellent trading signals designed to work in all sorts of price behavior within a month and month to month
  • OMNI8 System can capture breakouts, swings within consolidation chart patterns, swings in price channels etc.  So we have a plan for just about everything.
  • This system is REALLY good and solid.   Take advantage of it while you have the opportunity while we are sharing.   One day we may just trade it for ourselves but now we are sharing so take advantage of it.
  • Super simple to trade.  We give all the entries and we'll tell you exit methods so you can know before hand. 
  • Plus there is no worry subscription management since you can manage your own through Clickbank

Performance Sample:

Results based on systems rules.  This is the system we use for this service. This is not any individuals trading account.   Any dollar amount is translation of net profit points of on the stock in to a representative position size in stock or options.

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Just for proper understanding of this trading signal service or any of our trading signal services:  We are not your advisors. We are not telling you to buy or sell although it may seem so through a " trading signal service". We provide trading signals to show you what we are doing or rather what one of our trading systems are calling out for buy and sell orders. If you decide to copy are trading signals then that is your decision and your responsibility. We do not imply that you will make money from our service. There are many ways to screw up in trading even with the best trading system there is.

Please do understand that and make sure you learn how to trade properly starting from the basic mechanics all the way to understanding the inner game of trading.  Our desire is to see you succeed, actually succeed.  We hope you can become a good Trader and make money over time and then compounded over time.  But we make no promises whatsoever for your success using our trading signals or our trading systems or strategies because firstly we cannot promise you future results and secondly there are many factors that go into trading well and not messing up.

We state these things for understanding for the sake of helping put oneself in the best mindset to succeed. It takes a certain amount of Mastery in order to become a successful Trader. No one is born a successful Trader. We all must learn and Achieve mastery.

We hope that our signal Services can encourage you to think more in line with professional Trading.  

Understand that we also offer many courses, systems and strategies to help you learn how to trade better and better.  You can find these at our other sites.