SlingShot7.0 Trading Signals & System

You Can Actually Buy the System Behind the Signals as Well


Cash Flow

We've designed SlingShot7.0 Options Trading System for the purpose of very nice cash flow generation:))

Net Worth Building

Well if you don't keep taking all the cash winnings out this system has a great options compounding mechanism.

Make Lots of Money?

Aha. Maybe. From what 33 years in the market place this system can put you in a high probably position for future profit. Winners think in terms of "probability" losers think in term of "guaranteed"...

Trading for a Living

SlingShot7.0 Trading System is built on the Trading for a Good Living Systems Development Approach

Clarity of Trading Action

This system is very clear to trade. For those of you who may have struggled with trading a system or a strategy in the past you will likely like this system.

Trading Signals Service

You can buy the system and follow along in real time as our signal caller calls out SlingShot7.0 based trading signals in real time.

SlingShot7 Systems Performance

Performance below is based on the system's results based on the systems rules. There is a CORE method and a TURBO method.

Data below is for 9 months. Your personal results may vary due do a variety of factors number one being the ability to pay attention. The system takes 2 to 10 minutes a night to trade, to set your orders. The signals are clear cut. The system provides entry, stop loss and profit taking exit which you can place by contingent order price triggers.

The signal service provides the entries. We also provide a basic stop and trail stop method. Signals are provided via email.

You Can Now Buy the SlingShot7.0 Options Trading System and Discover the Secret Sauce Behind the Signals - Only $2,997
$97/mo for signals
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