ANNOUNCING PERPETUALPOPS-FX – 1 Day Trades. NADEX Day Spreads and Now Forex Signals


1 Day Trades.  NADEX Day Spreads and Now Forex Signals.  So This Means that We Are Now Going to Merge the Forex Signals Version of PERPETUALPOPS-FX with the NADEX Day Spread Version of PERPETUALPOPS-FX – for in Essence a 2 for 1 Signal Service.

This is NADEX + Forex + The PERPETUALPOPS System for that Set & Forget, Couple Minutes a Night Trading Method that Trades the NADEX Day Spreads.

So it dawned on me, wait a minute, one could trade the actual Forex pair too!  Just use a stop loss.  Some people really like trading Forex.  And that’s cool because PERPETUALPOPS-FX just pumped out 7459 Pips in just 5.75 months systems results on one Forex pair.   

Is that good?  Yes.  Very good.  You’re only in a trade for 1 day.   

For PERPETUALPOPS-FX NADEX Forex Signals, it’s even easier to trade. 

We just pick that good reward to risk ratio spread, we can even pick one smaller spread and then the big spread if the good reward to ratio availability is there on NADEX for the bigger spread as well.    We put on the trade.  It expires the next day, then presto, we’re done!  No stop loss. No trail stop.  No watching.  No extra work.    The PERPETUALPOPS-FX is designed to just let that day spread go to expiration to make trading as easy as possible.

If you wanted to trade the Forex version, we’re now going to include that in the same signal service, at least for now to keep things simple.  If we do decided to spin off into another members area for pure Forex signals then we’ll give those who sign up now, access to any  separated out Forex signals version of PERPETUALPOPS-FX.  

What’s the difference in trading the underlying Forex pair vs. the NADEX Day Spread?  1. You would add an initial risk stop loss.  2. You would have to manually exit by the end of the day unless you have an automated way of doing so.   Getting out at the end of the day is an important part of the PERPETUALPOPS-FX concept. 

And even when trading the underlying Forex pair, there is no having to watch the trade all day.  It’s preferred that you don’t, even. 

So therefore PERPETUALPOPS-FX NADEX Forex Signals is a great trading signal service for those who are busy doing other things in life or who are busy trading other NADEX systems or Forex systems. 

The NADEX Day Spreads have special properties, benefits and advantages that have been overlooked for quite some time.   They can be traded in more laid back ways. 

You can get more info and sign up here: 

Check Out PERPETUALPOPS-FX NADEX Trading Signals Here


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