Big Trend Big Move Trading Strategy

Big Trend Big Move Trading Strategy

MEGABUILDER9 Big Trend Big Move Trading Strategy

Sometimes we just work to hard for a pay check.   So what if you could work maybe 30 minutes a month average, roughly and ride monster moves with very large probability and average massive reward to risk ratios?   Well then you'd have the potential to become the next Turtle Trader wouldn't you...  This is an important strategy to employ and can be done while you do other forms of trading.    Really, it's a terrible thing to miss this MEGABUILDER9 moves; it's like throwing away massive amounts of money.   MEGABUILDER9 moves, in our opinion, should be played even with a tiny position although MEGABUILDER9  is suited for more  hefty position sizing.

  • Ride big trends and giant power trends
  • Have huge reward to risk ratios
  • Use MEGABUILDER9 on stocks, options, futures, forex, cryptos etc..
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