POPS SAMURAI Stocks & Options & Stock Trading Signals -

POPS SAMURAI Stocks & Options & Stock Trading Signals -

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POPS SAMURAI Short Term High Velocity Options Swing Trading Signals Using Short Term Slightly In the Money Option for High Delta BANGS of Profitability

What's Provided with POPS SAMURAI Signals?

  • Simplified trading signals delivered to your email.​
  • Entries and exits provided. ​
  • We tell you what option we are looking at and how we trail profits with this system​
  • And yes we are trading a system. We don't guess the markets or really care what the markets are doing.  We simply and only trade price. For we found over time that guessing the markets is an absolute waste of time and money.​
  • We'll run 2 stocks, maybe 3.  And from time to time we'll throw in bonus trading ideas on hot opportunities​
  • Follow us as we execute the POPS SAMURAI trading system.​
  • We have an initial stop loss method (using contingent orders) and a method of no stops​
  • Money management position sizing logic will be discussed in the members back office​
  • All subscriptions are managed by Clickbank so you can control your own subscription​
  • Get ready for a whole lotta fun!​

POPS SAMURAI Signals Performance

SAMURAI System Performance for Signals

  • Trading signals are based on the SAMURAI system
  • You can trade stocks use this as a stock signal service
  • You can trade options and use this as an options signals service
  • Future performance is not guaranteed in that the system or our calling of the signals may do worse or better.  Not a guarantee of profiting.  There are many factors involved in trading well including most importantly, attenstion span then position sizing, options time to expiration and distance ITM to OTM ...
  • Your members office will have detailed instructions on how to use contingent stops and trail stop profit taking exits after you sign up.
  • Signals will come via email before the next trading day.

Regarding track figuring of profits:  you would multiply the number of options contracts times the "Approx Options Net Profit Points" below.  (Options are approx due to how far out to expiration you buy and how ITM or OTM you buy).  Also to figure out stock profits you multiply your number of shares times the "Stock Net Profit Points".

We suggest you try the service out and follow it with a demo account or just write down the trade entries and exits with paper and pen the old school of paper trading way. Get the feel of the system.  You just may like it. And if we can keep netting out profit into the future well, that could be pretty nice!

See Systems Results Below:  According to the results of the system you have 6.89, plus 4.60 plus 13.71 net profit points per month of results. 

In order to get the options points you can take roughly 1/2 the stock points or you can multiply by 1/2 the options position.

So at 20 contracts that would have been approximately in options points:  $1000x6.89 and $1000x4.6 and $1000x13.71 on a monthly basis.

I'll let you do the math.  Past results do not necessarily guaranteed future performance: we could do less or more.

The Question Is:  Is this real?  And Could this Be Real to You?

Well of course you'll have to sign up and see for yourself to really start believing in this system and our service to call the system!  But do understand that this system is very good and very solid.  You should take advantage of the opportunity to learn.

$97.00 for each 30 days
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