POPS FLASH Stocks & Options Quick Swing Trading Signals -

POPS FLASH Stocks & Options Quick Swing Trading Signals -

POPS Flash Options Signals System Performance:

  • We have this POPS Flash system that spots high probable fast swing setups so we can use short term slightly ITM options for the sake of generating "Fast Cash", like, really.
  • For now we're running with WYNN and BIDU.   That's plenty.  That said we may add more later.  Both stocks have reasonably price options plus we are trading like 1 to 2 weeks out and going ITM to minimize premium decay and offset faster premium decay, although we are using less premium, with a quick ramp into a high delta getting into 1:1 tick for tick option to stock as we ride up a strong swing.
  • Why trade like this?  Because most options traders love trading like this!  So we figured out a way to do it shrewdly and intelligently.

So How Does This Work?

  1. Sign up.  Look out for emails from "Best Trading Signals"  or @ besttradingsignals.net. 
  2. Login to your back office to see details for simple instructions so you'll know how to do everything simply and easily.
  3. Of course you need an options account that does contingent orders and most do.  We are just simply buying calls and buying puts.
  4. Just for understanding: we make no income guarantees or promises that you'll make money.  So avoid getting carried away on strange emotional dreaminess, visions of yachts, new cars, beach homes and whatever else that comes with that line of thinking.
  5. Understand common sense trading math:
  6. Always learn a new method step by step and one step at a time.  Paper trade. Virtual trade.  Learn.  Get the feel for professional trading in real time.  If you decide to copy our trades then understand the wisdom of taking small fractions of your trading account per trade until you find an optimal position size.
  7. We will follow a trading system.   No guessing the market.  No chasing emotions or any other lame concept.  See the systems results below to get a picture of the nature of this system.
  8. This is vanilla options trading.  We buy calls.  We buy puts.  That's it.   We give you entry and exits by email.  We try to keep this simple as possible.  We want you to be able to process the signal in under 5 minutes including looking at a price chart.
  9. We are not your advisors nor can we tell you what to do.  Understand that this is an information service where we put out trading signals according to the POPS Flash options trading system.  We look to use the system for our own trading.  We could miss signals on our own system as well although that is rare.   We are simply sharing what we know to you in real time for:  1. education:  so you can follow a solid system in real time  2. Motivation:  seeing professional trading in real time can help with focus, help prevent getting suckered into one of those "emotionalized hair brained last second trading ideas that pop into our heads out of nowhere that never win...".  Plus it's highly motivating seeing smart trading in real time 3. If you want to copy our trades that's up that's your business.  Do understand we don't claim to be your advisor.

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