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DOUBLEYPOPS Options Trading Signals & Stocks Trading Signals Service

Based on the DOUBLEYPOPS Cash Flow Style Trading System for 2 Day Trades.

DOUBLEYPOPS is a 2 Day Trade Options Trading Signals & Stock Trading Signals Service.    DOUBLEYPOPS Trading Signals Comes from the DOUBLEY POPS Trading System that We Designed for Perpetual Cash Flow.   Now You Can Get the Exact DOUBLEYPOPS Trading Signals in Real Time with Our Trading Signals Service.  Sign Up to Get Started Below.

  • 2 Days from Our Point of Entry is an Optimization Point.
  • We Want to take Out a Chunk of Momentum in a Price Swing and Do it Over and Over.
  • 2 Days Max in a Trade also Works Well for Options Thereby Lessening Any Premium Decay.
  • The DOUBELYPOPS Trading Signals Service will Provide Options Signals and Stock Signals.
  • We will run the DOUBELYPOPS on one or two stocks.  We will add on other stocks and you will see the availability listed below for which stocks.
  • We run DOUBELYPOPS as a system.  We are not strategy trading here.  We are running the system. This means we take all the trades in a row to take advantage of the system's power.  DOUBELYPOPS was not designed as a strategy but as a system to be run straight, unceasing. 

Performance Results Examples of DOUBLEYPOPS. 

We Give the Entry Signal, the Stop Loss and You Get Out By Close 3 Days Later in Order to Optimize the "BURST of a Swing" while Better Minimizing Premium Decay Costs

  • Short term In the Money Options are usually the best.
  • You can play options further out in strike and in time to mitigate the 3 days of premium decay. 
  • It's only 3 days. But if you go out past a month, 6 weeks, premium decay slows down considerably.  
  • Of course, with stocks, we don't have the concern of premium decay or deltas.  So that's direct cash profit.
  • This is what we call a "Cash Flow Machine" style of trading system.  This means we designed this system for the goal of continuous perpetual cash flow.   
  • Cash flow in trading comes from taking all the trades in a system and your revenue needs to be greater than your costs on an ongoing basis, for net profit, for net cash flow income. 
  • We feel that we have achieved this quite nicely as you can see from the performance results below.

Here are performance results of the DOUBLEYPOPS System based on the systems rules. When you sign up below you will be receiving the exact entries and exits for easily trading DOUBLEYPOPS system from our DOUBLEYPOPS Trading Signals Service:


Starting January 1 2022:   +8.36+36.42+27.89-6.43+11.68+6.86+103.84+6.44+58.94+21.84-25.19-6.79+26.32+22.84+20.89-6.95+16.72+4.31-12.32=

=  +315.67 to May 1   So that's 4 months of cash flow generation.  Only 4 months!  Holding a trade only 2 days!

Why 2 days again?  What's this:  0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34....


2 is also a prime swing number.  And with our DOUBLEYPOPS Trading system for these signals, we target a juicy part of the swing that also has has a very good winning percentages.  Usually, cash flow "churning" trading systems don't have exceptionally high winning percentages. But DOUBLEYPOPS has.

DOUBLEYPOPS is system off of which we give signals.  We interpret the system in real time and send them out.  DOUBLEYPOPS Cash Flow Generation types of trading is going to be very important going forward.  You don't want to burn up your current capital base. You want to make cash flow, make money off of the money you have. If you spend all the money you have then,  you have nothing to work with.

So sign up and start watching DOUBLEYPOPS work before your eyes! 

Boeing Stock: Ticker is BA:  Starting in October 2021 BA 


Here are the trades according to DOUBLEYPOPS System:




= +157.57  to May 1 2022 7 months so far.  We'll add on to this over time. 


Here is the DOUBLEYPOPS System on Caterpillar: Ticker: CAT  GREAT!

2021 January


= +192.35 to December 31 2021



=  +89.4 Stop May 4 2022

So What's in the Service?  What Do You Have to Do to Put DOUBLEYPOPS to Work for You?

  1. Sign up.  Either watch to build confidence in the method.  Or demo trade.  Or paper trade, pretend trade.  Type down your entries and exits day by day.
  2. We're going to run DOUBLEYPOPS on one stock at a time.  So one service goes with one stock for focus, with options yes.   The objective of DOUBLEYPOPS is to generate cash flow in an ongoing basis. 
  3. We in for 2 days.  This in important.   When markets are volatile and when there are talks about market crashes, as in epic market crashes that coordinate with big time cycles then you want to be nimble and quick.  
  4. Speaking of big drama or big crashes, we launched DOUBLEYPOPS as a great way to trade during those times.  In our opinion you'll definitely want DOUBLEYPOPS.  Also you'll want to focus on using options, buy calls, buy puts only for limited, predefined risk.  And use proper money management.  So instead of sitting on the sidelines, we can look to have a plan to take advantage of drama moves, and then get out quick.
  5. 2 days is a real price cycle.  It's a Fibonacci series number.  And DOUBLEYPOPS targets the meat of a swing within usually the meatiest part of the swing.   And as you can see from the system's performance results, the results can be quite powerful.
  6. Getting out in 2 days gives a greater feeling control.
  7. So  to get started pick a stock to focus on and get started. You can add more stocks later as you get a hang of it.  Or if you want to watch multiple stocks at the same time then sign up for multiple stocks.   You can watch and learn. You don't have to trade if you don't want to.  But you can learn valuable things by watching the trades go by in real time.


What Are You Going to Get with the DOUBELYPOPS Trading Signals Service?

  1. The entry. Initial stop loss.  And for the exit, you just get out 2 days later by the close. If you miss the close then just get out the next day at the open.  But you can set a contingent order that is based on time to get you out by the close.
  2. These are Stock Trading Signals and Options Trading Signals.  With options signals we like to use short term fairly deep in the money options in order to get higher deltas faster and to mitigate premium decay cost. 
  3. With options trading you'll get to stack overlap sometimes.  You can stack overlap with stock if you are trading stock in fractions of your whole trading account.  Personally, we like to use no margin and separate out accounts for stocks; then we use close to the full account value in position size on that one stock, when trading systematically. 
  4. Potential for perpetual cash flow is what you're going to get out of this service.   This service is designed for cash flow generation.  We look to trade our own signals.  We do this service for you and us at the same time.  That should boost your confidence in following these signals.

Get started with DOUBLEYPOPS Trading Signals. These are 2 day trades We provide the entry. Just get out 2 days later right before close. You can use a time based contingent order to do so. If you miss the close just get out the next morning. It's $97/month. You can cancel at any time through your members back office.

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DOUBLEYPOPS 2 Day Pops Cash Flow Style Options Trading Signals Service - for BA Boeing $77.00 for each month Enter. Get out 2 days later. Not a gimmick. DOUBLEYPOPS is a very powerful cash flow system. Signup and see!
DOUBLEYPOPS 2 Day Pops Cash Flow Style Options Trading Signals Service - for CAT Caterpillar $77.00 for each month 2 Day Trades. Enter. Get out 2 days later. Not a gimmick. DOUBLEYPOPS is a very powerful cash flow system. Signup and see!
DOUBLEYPOPS 2 Day Pops Cash Flow Style Options Trading Signals Service - for NFLX - Netflix $77.00 for each month 2 Day Trades. Enter. Get out 2 days later. Not a gimmick. DOUBLEYPOPS is a very powerful cash flow system. Signup and see!