NADEX Day Spread Trading – You Define Your Max Risk Ahead of Time so You Don’t Need to Worry About a Stop Loss

NADEX Day Spread Trading – You Define Your Max Risk Ahead of Time so You Don’t Need to Worry About a Stop Loss

Being able to find your risk ahead of time with NADEX Day Spread Trading, very clearly,  in combination with the special properties of the NADEX Day Spread Trading  you can trade in different ways we give you an edge for making money and for saving time.

A lot of traders either have the idea that they have to watch the markets all day in order to make money.  Yeah, that’s not necessarily the case at all.   It’s easy to get hypnotized by the markets,  sucked into watching a markets siren songs because they find it to be entertaining all while being enticed into all sorts of error.    You can read Nicolas Darvas’ book “How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market”  for more insight on how that works.

But in trading, often there is an inverse correlation between work and wealth building overtime in that the more work you do, usually the less wealth you build over time. And the more trading one does for many people, the overall less they make and the more they lose.   That’s not necessarily the case but it is for those who aren’t simple systems traders or ruthless (emotionally speaking) strategy traders. 

So if one does a good job in learning how to day trade and micro swing trade they can be involved in the markets doing a lot of trades while building considerable cash flow and wealth over time.  But most people don’t have the time nor is it their thing to become Professional Day Traders or micro swing Traders, which would require them to watch the markets all day.

So therefore those people need easier ways to trade that will allow them to make profits and grow those profits over time, compound  those profits over time in order to build large amounts of wealth.

There are many different ways to trade the markets that not many people know about. We are very creative here and have developed hundreds upon hundreds of solutions for different ways of trading the market. We did so mostly due to finding out what students were actually looking for and then developed creative solutions in order to be able to accomplish that end result, that end the lifestyle result, through a trading system or strategy.   We also made all sorts of discoveries over time as well. So we have many solutions.

With NADEX Day Spread Trading,  as mentioned above, we don’t need to use a stop loss, we can target the expiration the next day at 4:15 p.m. or whenever the expiration time is since Forex spreads can have different expiration times for their daily spreads. 

Here’s another great aspect of the NADEX daily spread:  your risk is capped.  It’s all predefined.  You can exit early too, you don’t have to wait for expiration.

So if you’re trading the day bars which we would be with a NADEX daily spread with the methods we are going to talk about below, then you have a very large risk to your average stop-loss point. But with NADEX day spreads you don’t have that large risk. You have the risk of whatever is preset in the spread that you would see clearly ahead of time, right when you put in your order, so you don’t need to worry about a stop loss With the NADEX daily spread.  You just set the max risk you’re willing to take per the reward that NADEX will show you.

So that helps reduce risk in general.  Your risk is preset.  You don’t have to worry about a stop loss or you don’t have to worry about messing around with a stop loss, or removing it because you want to win so bad. 

The next key is to have the right position sizing.  The perfect position sizing is an equation that you would figure out overtime.  But you would want to pick a starter position size that was logical, that would allow you to become good at a system or a trading signal service.   So, you would want to start really small and then prove yourself consistent in profiting before you increase your position size.

The NADEX Day Spread gives you more freedom,  more security and risk management for trading which allows you to be able to place trades and not have to worry about them.  You know your risk.  Now you need to find a way to have high probability winning trades.  And because with NADEX day spreads you can easily have a 2 reward to 1 risk by entering the smaller day spread near the edge then you have great trading math, profit margins on the spread.   And just do the math:  What if you only one 50% of the time but were able to profit 2 when you profit and lose only 1 when you lost?  Well you’d make a fortune is what!

The good news is that we do have a really good NADEX trading signal service with the NADEX Day Spread called PERPETUALPOPS.   It gives you a really good signal almost nightly for the next day.  You just set the trade and that’s it.  That’s all you have to do.  The system is designed to let that trade go to expiration. 

PERPETUALPOPS NADEX Trading signals trades on close, or rather on open when the NADEX Day Spread  opens back up at 6 p.m. Eastern to put on a trade for the next day’s expiration.  The trading entry window is between 6 pm and midnight.  We just put a trade on at  around 6pm. Sometimes you can get better entry opportunities up at around midnight too.   

It’s quite fascinating how it works out and how we’ve been able to have very profitable system results overtime with this approach. Now you can get access to PERPETUALPOPS trading system through the PERPETUALPOPS NADEX Trading signal service.   Check out more information below

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