Option Example With TRENDCORE Trend Trade for Picture of Profitability Potential.

How about we take a look at a 20-point move on QQQ options. Let’s look at a 6-week out to expiration example. If the move happens right away we see options going from 10.81 to 22.21 if the move takes 30 days and you make 20 points then there’s options go to 19.29 which is pretty similar. And that’s good.

Over the 4 weeks at the money you have premium decay 10.84 – 5.03 =  which is 5.81 which really isn’t that bad for 4 weeks  a premium Decay time and six weeks till expiration while in the meantime you have a momentum trigger with our system which is  highly probable that it will trigger a strong move.

See the screen shots below:

Also, if you don’t like options, just use stock, or the ETF.  At least get something going even it it’s a small number of shares because that small number of shares can build big over time as your trading account starts into compounded growth.


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