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  • STELLAR9 Options Signals take a unique way to accumulate high probability cash flow opportunity swing trading. Opportunities for large, deep in the money, fast options gains.
  • TRENDCORE - High Probability short term options trend trading with options. Check out the track record.
  • CRUSHER8 Powerful way capturing very large surprise moves, in your favor, those drama moves you see and may have been on the wrong side of in the past. With CRUSHER8 we're able to capture these types of drama surprise moves ver and over.
  • CATAPULT Options Power Trend Trading Signals take out the low hanging fruit power trend. What's a power trend? It's one of those strong directional moves that happens usually 2 to 4 weeks.
  • SAMURAI Options Trading Signals is based on a precision style trading system.
  • TERPETUALPOPS is a day trading signals service. It's a one day trade. We get in before the close and out the next day. It's day trading reduced to 2 minutes a day. Check out the track records to get a better picture.
  • OWP System E is a high precision style trading system that last 5 days exactly. It's optimized to get in and get out 5 days later. You don't have to keep changing trail stops.
  • CFE2 is options signals service based on one of our Cash Flow ENFORCER type of systems. It's a 2 day trade. Get in then out 2 days later. Check out the track records to get a better picture how this system operates.
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