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Options Signals from BEST Trading Signals Explained

What are options signals?   They are entry and exit alerts on options, usually buy calls and buy puts.  We will email you when there is a new trade.  The new trade will be in your members area back office signals page. The email will have your login for convenience. 

Management: you can manage your membership at any time. You can stop the service yourself at anytime so therefore you control your membership, for those who worry about recurring billing.  And yes, currently we do monthly subscription.   Speaking of management, if your position is in the money by expiration you'll have to get out by expiration, or as your broker will tell you, you'll end up buying the stock.  You should know this by now but you can ask your broker for details.   Also you can use contingent orders (your options broker should have them - get a better options broker if not) based on time to automatically close out your position before the market's close.

We Have Different Categories of Options Trading Signals.  

  1. CHEAP Options, Options Signals.  These options trading signals services focus on targeting cheap, higher delta options as the solution to countering premium decay and as a solution for getting paid better when our stock moves in our favor. 
  2. Options POPS 1 Day Trade "Day Trading" signal: On Close.  This approach is done for potential overall greater profitability. 
    1. OMNIPOPS 1 Day POPS on close. 
  3. Options Breakout POPS 1 Day Trade, "Day Trading" Signal: enter the next day upon price trigger and get out by close.  This approach is done for more stability. 
    1. CFE RELENTLESS Day Trading Signals 1 day breakout POPS
    2. TERPTETUALPOPS 1 Day Breakout POPS Signals
  4. Options 2 Day POPS:  This approach is used for taking advantage of certain methods in order to target capturing the meat of the swing. 
    1. CFE2 Cash Flow System 2 Day POPS Signals.
  5. Options 3 Day POPS signals.  This approach is used to target maximizing the core 3 day swing cycle. 
    1. RC1 PRO Cheap Weekly Options Signals 3 Day POPS
    2. OWP System E CHEAP OPTIONS Edition is a 3 Day POP
  6. Options 5 Day POPS signals.  This is for targeting a 5 day cycle.  We are also considering more tight pinch point entries to give us point mileage with this approach. 
    1. OWP System E Stock & Options Trading Signals
  7. Options Swing Trading Signals:  Regular and with Cheap Options.  This is done to try and take advantage of full price swings. 
    1. STELLAR9 Options Swing Trading Signals 
    2. CFE PUNNK'D Swing Trading Signals
  8. Options Power Trend Trading Signals
    1. SAMURAI Swing & Power Swing Trading Signals  (A power swing is a swing that last about 2 weeks)
    2. CATAPULT Power Trend Trading Signals Services 
    3. CRUSHER8 Trading Signals - these are powerful, explosive moves that sometimes can go beyond a swing or power swing for gianormous profits. 
  9. Options Trend Trading Signals
    1. Trend Core Stocks and Options Trading Signals Solid Approach
  10. All QQQ Signals - with most of the systems mentioned above..

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