PAYDAY Example OWP SYSTEM E-FX Weekly Paychecks Signals

OWP System E-FX s a signal service that trades the weekly spread on Forex at NADEX.  So NADEX has a weekly spread for Forex, and you can see here the trade for the week. 

Now we don’t look to trade for the sake of it every week. We have a system that we follow, and if there’s no opportunity, then we won’t take any trades, and we’ll just wait. But sometimes we’ll have two trades in a week, or sometimes you may even have three opportunities in a week, but usually it’s one. 

So with the options weekly paychecks system and NADEX weekly spreads, what we do is put on the trade and have a stop loss. So you can set a price alert or you can glance at your charts.  So we use this this stop loss point because we’re trading the big spread.

We want to be able to capture any sort of big swing but we don’t want to take too much risk right so that’s what we do and a lot of the times we make some good money.

Right now speed of markets will depend on how much we make money in the weekly spread right so when the markets are faster we can make more money.

Anyways thought I’d just give you a picture of a real-time trade of options weekly paychecks system E FX or actually it’s called OWP System E-FX NADEX Weekly Spreads Signals for Forex and you can find this on or you may be able to see a link below.

OWP System E-FX NADEX Weekly Spreads Signals for Forex


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