In the past we just thought of PERPETUALPOPS  in terms of plane index vanilla options on Russell 2000.  But as the vanilla options prices got progressively heinous who started considering mother ways of playing this most Cashflow powerfully profound PERPETUALPOPS  Trading system.

And then it just dawned on me the other day  that we could use e-mini futures or E mini micro Futures which are one-tenth the size of the e-mini futures.   Back not too long ago one was considered a whimp  if they treated e-mini Futures and not the full size contract. But as the economy went for the individual, especially over the past 20 years,  people’s money availability steadily shrank. 

Trading firms started noticing this along with their declining revenues and then hey came out with the idea of using micro e-mini futures which are one-tenth the size of an e-mini Futures Contract.

So you can get a broker like AMP  futures for whatever other broker for emini or micro futures and you can have a day trading margin only $50!   That makes it really easy to get into trading micro even a Futures.

Also you make $5 a point on RTY  Russell 2000 Emini micro futures  so if you had a 30-point gain from PERPETUALPOPS  then you make $150.   If you had a 50 point game can you and make $250 for the day which isn’t bad but one little e mini micro Futures Contract that requires only $50 margin.  So what if you used 2 contracts or 5 contracts… You could get up to emini size margin which is usually $500 per contract.  And a 30 point move in RTY at $50 a point all of a sudden makes $1500 for your paycheck for the day.  It’s something to think about for sure.   And you would just put a stop loss on the other side of the bar of Entry and let PERPETUALPOPS do it’s thing.   Plus your stop loss point is at a much smarter and better probability point vs. the random NADEX knockouts (also known as “touch brackets”) which can so easily get a position knocked out in an overnight position unnecessarily.

Speaking of an overnight position, at least as explained by AMP futures, you would need to get in after the market maintenance cycle between 5 and 6 pm, so after 6pm and out before either 4:15 or 5 pm to not be counted as an “overnight position” (which would require overnight margins which are much bigger).   So if you stay between 6:01 the prior day  to 4:15 the next day your position should be counted as day trading for day trading margin but check with your futures broker on that. 

The only other thing relative to rumors related to changing over the economy would be the question of what happens if they completely shut down the stock market, the options market and the futures markets to change over to a whole new system where some have discussed that the old system goes to “zero” while others say positions would be transferred over.  Since this is rumored to be happening relatively soon, we think that NADEX the best in addition to trading small until all the “dust settles” on the transition to the new system, if that is even going to happen as rumored.  

Here is AMP’s margin rates   you can compare with other brokers.

Additionally with the E mini futures you don’t have any premium to deal with. With the NADEX spreads  when you’re  near one side of the spread you have some premium. So you can make more points by trading emini micros vs. spreads.   Now knockouts have 100% deltas like emini micros / eminis but  it’s so easy to get knocked out and that gets really annoying!  

 The Knockouts are better for trading micro swings in day trading as an intraday Trading. PERPETUALPOPS  is technically day trading it’s just a super easy way back form of day trading.

PC Mini micro Futures contracts could be a great thing in an easy way to enter into trading PERPETUALPOPS  or one of our many e-mini futures  strategies or systems with a low funding requirement. 

You can contact us with any questions. Otherwise you can just sign up,  lock in your  membership and watch the trades go by day by day in real time in order to see for yourself,  to get a feel for performance in real time.

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