SPY CATAPULT Power Trend Trading Signals System Performance

  • We use a system for these signals.  So we look at our systems and we put out the signals.  This is great.  You probably don’t want to follow signals based on hunches.  We’re all for developing trading intuition but with active trading, good trading systems are associated with providing much more consistent returns over time.
  • Our trading systems for signals were developed for a solid approach based on price actions methods that have produced consistent action and reactions over time. Our job is to step in front of those actions and reactions with trading positions.
  • CATAPULT is a “low hanging fruit” opportunity and in our opinion, missing out on low hanging fruit opportunities, even if only a tiny position is just a shame.  So we decided to launch CATAPULT trading signals to provide others the opportunity while helping us keep focused on the CATAPULT opportunities for trading them, in an organized way.    And focus is a big deal and a big need these days.  Focus upon things that can bring consistent performance over time can produce compoundable wealth. 
  • For the CATAPULT Trading Signals Service we provide entry, stop loss and exit.  The email alert is sent out to you when there is a new signal or profit taking adjustment.  The signal is posted in your members back office.



Running Totals

Jan 1 2022 40.12 40.12
  11.19 51.31
  -4.58 46.73
  29.19 75.92
  -6.82 69.1
  24.16 93.26
  26.48 119.74
  20 139.74
  76 215.74
  -12.18 203.56
  16.18 219.74
  -8.71 211.03
  14.85 225.88
  8.64 234.52
Stop Aug 5 2022 30.58  Running Totals for 7 Months 265.1


$77.77 / month. You have control of your subscription in your members back office and can cancel any time you want.
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