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New excellent swing trading signal service with the STRIKER7 swing trading system for taking advantage of the bigger, more dramatic types of swings on a more regular basis.  Check out the performance sample below. 

STRIKER7 CAT Swing Trading Signals Performance

January 1 2023 Start 

+.88+ 3.13+ 10.7+ 5.65+ 25.58+ 32.19+ 22.35+ .46+ 4.43+ 10.91+ 10.45+ 14.66+ 5.89+ 3.77+ 1.06+ 1.67+ 1.05+ 2.24+ 4.72+ 2.1-2.02+ 27.1+ 5.52+ 4.47 = +198.96  … till June29 2023

  • That’s 6 months.  +198.96 stock profit points.  We’ll provide our options pick.  But of course you can pick the option of your choice.
  • We are riding swings.  The average hold time is about 5 days.   So keep that in mind if you decide to pick your own options vs. premium decay
  • This is a VERY solid swing trading approach.  So far in 2023 there is only 1 loss.  Now that’s impressive!

You can cancel at any time yourself in your members back office.  Sign up and start observing these signals so you can build confidence in them.  Launch Special for First 100 Subscriber: $99.97/mo .