STRIKER7 Stocks and Options Swing Trading Signals Service

It's a Super Solid Swing Trading System that We Use for Trading Signals on Stocks or Shorter Term, CHEAP Weekly Options for Larger Percent Returns Per Swing Move.

If You're Looking for a Boost, a Pick Me Up, a Swing Trading Method that Has the Potential to Make You Start Gaining Confidence in Swing Trading then Try These STRIKER7 Signals - Options Signals or Stock Signals - We Give Both.

  • Historical high winning % rate.
  • You can use with stocks or options.
  • You can use shorter term options for better deltas or longer term options for lower premium decay concerns.
  • We target trading strong momentum price swings.  Those swings last from 2 to 5 days on average but can extend further, 8 to 10 days on highly motivated swings. 

Introducing a new options swing trading signal service called STRIKER7 we have this newer, improved, evolved, swing trading system that has become very very solid and has usually a high percentage of winning and that's appealing to a lot of people.

Now I can't promise you future returns or high percentage winning but this system that we are using for STRIKER7 is very good and we like it a lot. So we decided to put it into a signal service with a signal service focused on using cheap options.

Solid Precision Swing trading with STRIKER7 Cheap Options Swing Trading Signals Service Designed for Low Involvement Cash Flow Generation..

Cheap is the keyword of the day at least to the point of this typing because of the times and things that are going on out there in terms of massive economic cycles and change over of things and so on and so forth.  But still, who doesn't like cheap, higher delta options?!

So with this STRIKER7 Stocks and Options Swing Trading Signals Service we are going from swing to swing and we're going to use trail stops. So this means that as the swing is completed we will adjust the trail stop and email that to you of course.

We'll email you the signal or it will email you when there is a new signal and your signal will be on your members page. Then from there when there's a profit trail stop adjustment we'll send out another email and then you can see the new adjustment on the same trade on your signals page in your members area.

Now why do STRIKER7 options swing trading signals? It's a rock solid swing trading system that is used for coordination with cheaper higher delta options and the types of swings here usually move pretty quickly. We tend to get a more dramatic fast move on the swings on average.

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STRIKER7 QQQ Swing Trading signals

Additionally this signal service was launched to be a potential cash flow stream type of signal service so maybe over time you could generate another stream of cash flow in a couple minutes few minutes a night of effort if even that.

So let's get to the good stuff with STRIKER7 Stocks and Options Swing Trading Signals Service. Let's look at some of the historical performance here to give you a picture of how this STRIKER7 system rolls with these couple stocks.

We may use other stocks over time but these stocks are behaving pretty well to this point so you can see below that you have an expensive or a more expensive cheap options version that can put in a lot more speed points and follow through here on TSLA stock. And then you can see the performance here on AMZN ever since the split for less expensive cheap options in coordination with the stock and that can still put in some decent moves in a swing.

As you can see below  on TSLA you have a lot of profit points and when you are trading options that have some good deltas on them you can have a potential sweet score when you start hitting these 30-point gains 20 point gains quickly etc etc. And you can see here that this performance sample runs almost a year for 538 points here on TSLA.

And you can see here for AMZN we have the cheaper, cheaper options and you can see a performance result here of 151 points which is good post split for amazon in about 9 months of track record.

So this is the presentation sales page for now obviously we have all the options numbers in a row here we may make them look more pretty and so on but I'm sure you can get the gist just read all the numbers one after the other. 

One thing I do want to mention is pacing.  As you look on TSLA  stock right here you can see the numbers of trades in a year. This is swing trading. So it's more laid back and I say this because a lot of people seem to be really anxious and they want faster faster and faster or they have a very low attention span and they lose perspective.

Another faulty mindset is one that equates value of a signal subscription to the number of trades so this mindset is cheap, stingy, what else do you call it poverty consciousness that subscriber can tend to be so focused on their monthly subscription and equating to that subscription to how many trades they are getting per month and that's way out of perspective.

So we see this when things slow down or maybe you have some some weak price action like you see a couple losses in a row right here and then a small game and another loss so during those times people can lose perspective, throw a temper tantrum and quit while right after they quit a nice, profitable winning streak starts. That's what happens to most traders in general as talked about in trading books over time even over the decades even over the past 100 years of trading books.

So you want to keep that perspective of swing trading that it is to be developed over a 6 months to a years time span. And we, as signal callers, certainly do not want to have a frame of mind of wanting to give more signals for the sake of pleasing bad behavior or a poor mindset subscribers which will then cause error and breaking of the system which is a bad idea.

So if you equate numbers of trades to value then maybe you should sign up for some of our one day pops options day trading signals such as OMNIPOPS and TERPETUALPOPS and i think you'll like that better but if you want to swing trade with a more laid back approach, with very little work involved then sign up for STRIKER7.

You can also contact us if you have questions about the service and to get a better perspective. Otherwise if you're interested, you can sign up and get started. You can also use this service for keeping you focused in the markets and keeping you in the game.

Additionally you can use this service for trading ideas and a lot of people use a stock options swing trading signals or trading signals in general for trading ideas, to combine with their own ideas, to pick the trades they like to trade. Now if you do that though just understand that you are no longer a following or trading the STRIKER7 system for perspective, but that's okay.  You can sign up and get these signals and use them as you see fit.

So if you want to sign up then click the add to cart button below.

What is STRIKER7?good accuracy.  You can see from systems results below that are based on the entry , stop loss and profit taking exit method of STRIKER7.

  1. How does STRIKER7 differ from our other swing trading signals?  It's a completely different system. STRIKER7 has an edge that takes advantage of buyer seller psychology panic and it works so very well as you can see below

Why Would You Use STRIKER7?

  1. For high probability swing trades done in a few minutes a day.
  2. We send you the trading signal with exact entry, stop loss point and then profit taking exit when its time to do so.
  3. STRIKER7 tends to capture high velocity swing trades which means it can be great for options.  See the progression of trades below. 

What Does it Take to Trade STRIKER7?

STRIKER7 System Performance:

STRIKER7 on TESLA for Faster Options:

April 1st 2022 13.89 - 5.48 + 29.86 + 36.05 +28.16 + 25.12 + 2.19 +8.14 - 15.48 -5.12 + 8.14 - 13.18 + 10.91 + 11.16 + 1.18 + 28.19 +1.87 + 35.19 + 3.14 + 2.89 + 9.16 + 2.18 + 14.17 + 12.16 - 6.19 + 21.12 +53.18 -7.96 + 5.94 + 28.31 + 18.18 + 14.03 +48.34 +81.77 + 3.24 + 6.18 + 1.32 + 1.79 + 9.87 + 14.83 stop March 14th 2023

= +538.44 totals which is incredible, almost one year's of performance. Also look at the progression of trades. There are a lot of plus signs and not many minus signs! 

STRIKER7 on AMZN for Cheaper Options

June 7th 2022 (post stock split) start: 15.21 + 7.67 + 2.54 +21.07 - 1.87 + 8.44 - 1.56 +4.21 + 4.47 +0.89 +9.07+3.34+14.65+2.46+4.72+1.77+23.21+3.44+4.11-1.62 + 5.18 + 7.32 -4.86 + 6.84 + 5.18 + 1.72 + .76 - .98 + 3.84

= +151.22 stop March 20th 2023 for 9 months. And this is extremely good for Amazon. STRIKER7 is no joke. I hope you can use this service and profit.

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STRIKER7 QQQ Swing Trading signals