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RC1 PRO Cheap Weekly Options Signals - Designed Especially for Smaller Trading Accounts

These Are 3 Day POP Trades.  We Trade Good Momentum Stocks with Good, Cheap, Slightly ITM Weekly Options. 

It's the Combination of Momentum Trigger with the Cheaper Slightly ITM, Lower Premium Options that Makes It Work. We Get In Upon Price Trigger. Then We Get Out 3 Days Later.

What's Better than Options Trading? Cheap, High Delta Options Trading! Check Out the Options We're Using Below in Combination with the RC1 3 Day High Velocity Spark Trades

RC1 PRO Cheap Weekly Options Signals - More Detailed Explanation...

Use RC1 PRO Cheap Weekly Options Signals for Series of Good Probability 3 Day Swing Trades Where We Target the Meat of a Swing and Do It Over and Over with Cheap Options

See the video below for more explanation.  

Performance Perspective:

145 Profit Points on CAT in 3 months with short term, high delta, low price $100 - $400 per contract (or pick whatever option strike you personally want).

51 Warren Buffet Drooling profit points on GM in 3 months.  That's over 100% cash return on the stock - and yes you can use these signals to trade the stock too if you want. GM has super cheap options.  See the options profit tables below for details. 

  • We'll send you the trading signal alert via email
  • Signal is posted on signals page with details, organization and instructions.
  • We provide entry, stop loss point.  And the profit taking exit is get out 3 days after entry before close.
  • We provide our options pick.
  • You can use contingent orders or price alert triggers that you can find on Tradingview.com for example.
  • Very easy to trade.
  • Launched to help smaller accounts.
  • Options Prices usually between $100 and $400 per contract.
  • Signup and paper trade for a while to get the feel for it. 


RC1 PRO Cheap Options Swing Trading Performance Explained

  • P/L means profit or loss profit then a regular, positive number.  If a loss then there is a negative sign in front of number.
  • Running totals means an ongoing sum of the trades in a row.  It's the last trade added or subtracted to current balance.
  • We enter upon RC1 PRO system trigger.  
  • We exit 3 days later right before the close.
  • Very easy.  
  • We have an entry trigger, an stop loss point and the profit taking exit is 3 days later.

Why Join RC1 PRO for Cheap OTM Weekly Options Swing Trading Signals?

  • See system track below.  You get to participate in a powerful system.  Upon a restored economy prices go up at least 10x. 

  • It's and easy and fun system for us to run of which we send you the signals.

  • A potential for a lot of money to be made.

  • Potential for a lot of profit points.

  • Sign up and paper trade for a while to see and build confidence in signals.

  • You can also take these signals as momentum trigger trading ideas and combine them with your own methods.

  • If you dont like buying options you could sell them naked or as credit or debit spreads.  The momentum trigger provides your that usual burst of price action.

  • As you can see below:  there are A LOT of profit points as per time traded.

  • If you want to keep it simple you use contingent orders or price alerts from like Tradingview.com to tell you when an entry is triggered which is usually the next day in the morning.

  • If you don't want to use contingent order stops on options you can use price alerts or just reduce your options position size to the average risk which you could say is 50% of the position.  So 1/2 sized options positions and then just get out 3 days later.

  • 3 days is later is not a gimmick, it's an optimization. Plus you know your exit before your entry which is less stressful as having to watch and move trail stops is more stressful to some traders. 

Upon launch let us know your favorite stock with cheap options and we'll see if we can incorporate it in these signals. 

CAT - Caterpillar - RC1 PRO Performance Sample

CATP/LRunning Totals
Jan 1 20237.287.28
March 29th 20234.07

 Total Profit Points (3 Months) -  141.54 - that's MASSIVE

Options Profits Picture Example

  • We're using super short term weekly options.  
  • Why? Are we crazy?  Options "gurus" say not to buy shorter term weekly options due to rapid premium decay.  But the gurus don't specify which strike. Most of those options gurus are not options traders or experts but are marketers making up nonsense trying to make themselves sound smart.
  • You CAN buy short term options with very little premium.  You can buy short term options with high deltas so when you do get momentum in your underlying stock,  you immediately start going to .6 .7 .8 .9 to 1 or 100% deltas pretty quickly where A LOT of cash money profits can be made. 
  • For options chains that are neat and tight check out https://www.optionistics.com/  or Marketwatch if you don't have an options broker yet.
  • What about using stock?  Yes, of course, that's even easier.  Our entries, stop losses and exits are the same for the stock as for the options.  Easy.
  • Buying slightly ITM options
  • As soon as we get profitable momentum follow-through these options go right to 100% deltas tick for tick where premium decay is no longer an issue. 

Short term options example

CAT at 217.45

220 Puts are 3.85 with 2.55 intrinsic value 1.3 pts premium

StrikeGainEnd ResultProfitIntrinsicPremium at Exp% Gain

GM - General Motors RC1 PRO Performance Sample

GMP/LRunning Totals
March 30 20231.45 Total Profit Points (3 Months) 51.62 - That's HUGE for GM!

GM Options Picture

  • Very cheap options
  • Buying slightly ITM options
  • As soon as we get profitable momentum follow-through these options go right to 100% deltas tick for tick where premium decay is no longer an issue. 

GM at 35.74

3 Days to Expiration

37 Puts are 1.36 with 1.26 intrinsic value

1.36 Options PurchasedEnd ResultProfitPremium left% Gain
.5 Gain1.640.280.120.59%
1 pt gain2.20.840.0661.76%
1.52.641.28 94.12%
23.21.84 135.29% 172.06%
34.152.79 205.15% 245.59%



You can cancel at any time yourself in your members back office.  Sign up and start observing these signals so you can build confidence in them. 

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