OMNIPOPS NADEX Day Spreads Signals for RTY US SMALLCAP 2000

1 Day Trade. In Between 6-7. Get Out Next Day on RTY “US SMALLCAP 2000”

Let Go to Expiration and Or Take Profit When Markets Swing to Profitable Edge of Spread.

  • We’re using RUT on this one.

  • Much easier system that PERPETUALPOPS, at least for us.

  • Signal comes out between 6-7 pm NY Time EST unless we feel that we can get a better entry price by waiting.

  • Trades most days.  Usually skip after really big days to avoid the usual dud that follows.  Or if price action on price charts shows the markets are super confused then we’ll wait till that settles out which usually doesn’t take long. 

  • These are for NADEX Day spreads.  With RTY US SMALLCAP 2000 you can use NADEX KNOCKOUTS if you like since the 50 point range is pretty wide vs how RTY US SMALLCAP 2000 moves about then you don’t have to worry about premium and can take out more profit when you win, that is, if you don’t get knocked out on the other side. 

  • Otherwise, we usually pick between the smaller in the middle, roughly 1:1 NADEX day spread or the big version of that spread around the middle for a greater reward and risk ratio. There are other spreads that seem to have a better reward to risk ratio but NADEX usually stuff those with a lot of premium that you have to overcome just to get to break even, which can be annoying on slower days. 

PERFORMANCE OF OMNIPOPS IN 2023 January 1 to April 6 2023

40 W 10 L   2 ~ break even.

That’s pretty good!   The “0” days are ~ break even days. 

So there you have it.   You can take profit when you want.  In volatile, confused markets which we’ve had a lot of especially since Oct 2022 it is best to glance over at your position a few times a day. 

And when you see RTY US SMALLCAP 2000 at the edge of your spread, you may want to take profits then instead of hoping that RTY US SMALLCAP 2000 is going to max out and close beyond your spread in your desired direction because often it will not. 

We are trading the day spread.  Much of the time RTY US SMALLCAP 2000  closes out for the max profit, yes.  But many times RTY US SMALLCAP 2000 does a fade or even hits your max profit edge of the spread 2 or even 3 times while fading back the other way.   This is what we have to deal with when trading a close to close day spread scenario. Fortunately it just takes a few glances a day to see if you can grab your profit early. 

You can cancel at any time yourself in your members back office.  Sign up and start observing these signals so you can build confidence in them. 

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