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Check This Out:  CRUSHER8  DE  John Deer : 2022 January 1st to May 31 2022 - only 5 months: Here are ALL the CRUSHER8 System Trades: 

+30.7+16.96+46.52+54.83+51.89+24.5+50.13+61.17+16.41 = +353.11  - ALL WINNERS, BIG Winners! Get some of this!
$497/mo  - Introductory price for the first 100 subscribers:  $97/mo  - lock in your rates
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Are You Ready for the Most Fun You've Ever Had in Trading, Ever?  

"CRUSHER8 Trading Signals Stock & Options Trading Signals Service Using the CRUSHER8 Trading Strategy for Targeting Ginormous, High Velocity Price Action Trading Moves..."

With CRUSHER8 Options Trading Signals & Stock Trading Signals, You're Going to Be Able to Take Advantage of a Hidden, Sneaky Trick of the Marketplace that Leads to Very Strong Moves Most of the Time.   Many Times, these Moves are Massive. 

And We Want YOU to Start Getting on these MEGA Moves that Only a Few ELITE Knew About (and Arguably Created).  Check Out the CRUSHER8 System Performance Below for More Info: 

Watch the Video Below for an Explanation
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Here is What CRUSHER8 Signal Service Gives You:

  • The trading opportunity with entry, stop loss and profit taking exit based on the CRUSHER8 Trading Strategy.

  • High probability and high precision types of trading signals to help you focus in on the best of the best types of trading moves.

  • Potential home run trades and cash flow.

  • Tap Our 35+ Years Experience Investing & Trading and 24 Years+ Trading System Development Experience to Help You Put the Secrets of the Marketplace on Your Side, on a Consistent Basis.

  • Find Out How to CRUSH IT with Our CRUSHER8 Options Trading Signals / Stock Trading Signals. Start Feeling Like a Champion Trader. Put the Markets Drama Now ON YOUR SIDE. Trade Along Side the Sneaky Pros Who Create Dramatic Moves After the Herd Panics, Panicking Massive Profit Moves into Our Trading Accounts...

















+38.16= +735.24 Total




+30.14 = +78.18 Total - Till April 28













+36.94 = +318.07 Total








+3.05 = +237.43 till Jun 1 2022

How to Trade CRUSHER8

  1. Use stock.  With stock there is no worry about premium decay , what strike to pick or expiration.  Use stock and build it up over time.
  2. Use options:   You will need to use medium term options.  CRUSHER8  can put in dramatic moves that move fast, yes.  But some moves may take 2 to 3 weeks to develop.
  3. Notice the pacing of these signals.  There are about 12 trades a year.  So we are aiming for the best of the best types of trades.   Many people who subscribe to signal service equate numbers of signals to value.  Or they expect to receive X number of signals for their signal service.  They assume they know what they are talking about or how things "should be" when they have no idea what they are talking about.  You have to retain the proper perspective of the style of each signal service and not confused between other ideas or other emotional thoughts. 
    1. With our signals services we trade a plan. That plan is based on a system.  With CRUSHER8 you may go a whole month without a trading signal.  But then a few days later, you could get a signal that ads a massive gain to your trading account.  If you're the type that want's to see lots of signals then subscribe to our signals services that have more frequent trades like our "CFE" based signals and our "POPS" based signals. 
    2. We're basically providing you million dollar plus coaching in real time through our CRUSHER8 trading signals.  We are teaching by rote by showing you what we are doing in real time.  This is extremely valuable. You would sign up to learn, to follow how we trade this method.  If you want to make up your own methods then do so.  But respect this signal method and any of our signals programs for what they are.  And you are extremely fortunate that you are getting access to these signals, as long as the order button is available.  
  4. So on that note you may want to use our CFE or POPS based signals for more active cash flow while lining up the bigger potential home run style moves with CRUSHER8
  5. But if you're looking for the types of trading signals that have the potential to knock it out of the park then join CRUSHER8.

CRUSHER8 System Performance on CAT

 P/L Per TradeAccumulated Totals
CAT 202111.3311.33
June 1 202221.29Running Total: + 278.62

CRUSHER8 System Performance on ROKU

 P/L Per TradeAccumulated Totals
ROKU 202184.1884.18
To June 130.14Running Total: + 815.01

CRUSHER8 System Performance on NVDA

 P/L Per TradeAccumulated Totals
NVDA 20212.212.21
To June 13.05Running Total: + 555.5

CRUSHER8 System Performance on IBM

 P/L Per TradeAccumulated Totals
IBM 20213.873.87
June 7 202211.344Running Total: +137.494
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BA CRUSHER8 Trading Signals - Heartbreaker Canva Dark (1)
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$497/mo  - Introductory price for the first 100 subscribers:  $97/mo  - lock in your rates