1. Question:  Are these signals guaranteed to make money?   That’s a dumb question.  See disclaimers below. We’re not allowed to make “forward looking statements” or tell you anything positive about your future, but according to disclaimer rules, we can tell you negative things, low faith loser mindset things; they have no problem with that. We have trading signals services here, of ours, that are systems based for consistency of approach.  There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to make money.  That said there are different factors for making money with our signal services.  How so?  Well if you don’t trade like we trade you’re not going to get the results that we get.  If you pick and choose, ad some of your own rules, miss signals, don’t use stop losses, don’t trail stop your profits as we do then of course, you’re results will be more random and not like ours.  Sloppy trading usually doesn’t do very well. 
  2. Question: “How do I cancel if I want to cancel?  I worry about that since subscription services of the past made it hard to cancel.”  Answer:  Easy.  Just login.  Go to your purchases, your invoices, then click “Stop Recurring”.  We give our customers control of their subscription so they don’t have to worry about being billed when they cancel.  On top of that we use Authorize.net CIM service so all of your credit card, bank check card data, is stored there and not on our serves, for our security.    Additionally, since we added Clickbank, if you want to cancel, all that you need to do is go to your receipt and their contact info for your order management is right there.  Plus you can contact them from Clickbank.com.  It’s easy.  You are in control of your subscription so you can feel good about that.  Also since we gave you the control of your subscription if you need to cancel it then you need to do so; we don’t do cancel requests so don’t email us about it.  Handling cancel requests is a negative hassle for us and we may not cancel you before your rebilling if we did handle cancel requests due to volume of activity and focus here.  So we don’t and you’re in charge of our subscription.  The power is in your hand. 
  3. Question:  Do you have an affiliate program?”  Yes.  See the link below for our affiliate program using the Amember platform software to manage our core affiliate program of all of our products.  We’ve been using Amember for over 10 years and they are consistent and solid with affiliate tracking.  You can see for yourself. .  Also we began listing many of our signal services on Clickbank for ease of affiliate access.   That said, at Clickbank, we usually list all signals under one account so you’ll have to get details from the list below or search for the signal service on Clickbank that you want to promote since they only allow you to list one product in their Affiliate Marketlplace.