STRIKER7 Swing Trading Signals Services
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STRIKER7 Swing Trading Signals Services

Introducing STRIKER7 Swing Trading Signals for a New Way to Swing Trade Taking Advantage of Marketplace Tricks, While Turning the Tables and Putting Those Tricks on YOUR Side.

Come On Over and Check Out the Power of the Price Swing that by Getting on the Pro's Side with Their Strange, Strategic, Psychological Taticks that Suck the Masses in While They go the Other Direction...

Are You Tired of Getting PUNKED by The Market Place?    If So - Sign up  for STRIKER7 Swing Trading Signals and Now Line Yourself Up Exactly with the Pros with an Incredible New Way of Swing Trading.

New excellent swing trading signal service with the STRIKER7 swing trading system for taking advantage of the bigger, more dramatic types of swings on a more regular basis.  Check out the performance sample below. 

  • New signals alerts are sent to your email.
  • Your signal will be organized on your back office members trading signals page for STRIKER7.
  • We'll tell you how we take profits for easy and smart profit grabbing.
  • From time to time there are opportunities to grab even more profit with high probability profit targets and we'll  email you about those.
  • It's super easy to trade.   We provide entry and stop loss too in addition to profit taking exit mechanism. 
  • Sign up and see for yourself! 
  • Check out the performance below:  What if this works for you?

STRIKER7 Swing Trading Signals NVDA Performance

Start May 1 2022
= +202.78 Profit Points in only 8 months!  Use Options! 
Stop Dec 23 2022

STRIKER7 Swing Trading Signals USDJPY Performance

May1 2022
= +3989 wow! Profit Pips in only 8 months!
Stop Dec 23 2022

STRIKER7 Swing Trading Signals ES Emini Futures Performance


Start Jan 1

=3,225 Stop stop December 22nd.  Numbers rounded.  Based on STRIKER7 Emini Trading System

 +3,225 Profit Points 1 Full Year Profit Points which is Huge for ES!  And it's so easy to trade! 

STRIKER7 CAT Swing Trading Signals Performance

January 1 2023 Start 

+.88+ 3.13+ 10.7+ 5.65+ 25.58+ 32.19+ 22.35+ .46+ 4.43+ 10.91+ 10.45+ 14.66+ 5.89+ 3.77+ 1.06+ 1.67+ 1.05+ 2.24+ 4.72+ 2.1-2.02+ 27.1+ 5.52+ 4.47

= +198.96  ... till June29 2023

  • That's 6 months.  +198.96 stock profit points.  We'll provide our options pick.  But of course you can pick the option of your choice.
  • We are riding swings.  The average hold time is about 5 days.   So keep that in mind if you decide to pick your own options vs. premium decay
  • This is a VERY solid swing trading approach.  So far in 2023 there is only 1 loss.  Now that's impressive!

See for yourself!  Sign up below!

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