STRIKER7 Trading System on IBM for Great Swing Trades Plus Cheaper Options

We’re running STRIKER7 signals on IBM because IBM can put in some nice swings in combination with low priced options.  This makes swing trading more available to those who have smaller accounts.  Cheaper options plus good swings can bring about large percent returns which is what makes trading STRIKER7 on IBM Exciting. 

This is STRIKER7 v1.1 where we brought even more clarity to the system and it has been providing really good accuracy.  

Now just for perspective, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that extremely high winning percentage rates, which is ridiculously good, will continue. It could though, or something similar to it.  But as discovered over time by experienced traders,  some stocks tend to behave in a consistent character over time and that character, that personality of a stock can give a trader an edge. 

How long do the trades last?

They can last up to 2 weeks, occasionally 3 weeks if we’re on a roll but usually anywhere from 3 to 5 days on average.  This is swing trading. 

What’s provided in the signal?

The entry. The stop loss. The trail stop and sometimes we’ll have an optimized profit taking exit when that is available.  We also provide our pick of an option position. 

Add ROKU on STRIKER7 signals to your arsenal. 

Introducing STRIKER7 IBM Stock & Options Swing Trading Signals.

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New excellent swing trading signal service with the STRIKER7 swing trading system for taking advantage of the bigger, more dramatic types of swings on a more regular basis.  Check out the performance sample below. 

  • New signals alerts are sent to your email.
  • These are stock swing trading signals and options trading signals.  We give both signals.
  • We provided entry trigger, initial stop loss, a profit trail stop and sometimes a profit optimization price target when available. 
  • We will provide our options position pick as well. 
  • You can trade the stock or trade the options.  It is suggested that you use contingent order triggers for your options positions  – ask your broker if they have contingent orders or find one that does. If not then you can just simply set up real time price alerts with a price alert service to let you know when to get in or out.
  • Your signal will be posted in your back office members trading signals page for STRIKER7.
  • We’ll tell you how we take profits for easy and smart profit grabbing.
  • From time to time there are opportunities to grab even more profit with high probability profit targets and we’ll  email you about those.
  • It’s super easy to trade.   We provide entry and stop loss too in addition to profit taking exit mechanism. 
  • Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose.  Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. 
  • Sign up and see for yourself! 
  • Check out the performance below:  What if this works for you?

IBM on STRIKER7 System Performance Sample Based on the STRIKER7 Trading System While Taking All the System Trade Entries & Exits: 

January 1st 2021 start:  All STRIKER7 Systems trades in a row. 


= + 86.39 Stock Profit Points to Play with Options. 23 Wins 3 Losses  88.46% Winning



= +130.88 Stock Profit Points to Play with Options. 31 Wins 4 Losses 88.57% Winning


1.52+4.71=+6.23 Stop Feb 1 2023

Your options profits will vary depending on what strike you use and time to expiration.

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LAUNCH SPECIAL:  $297/month > $99/month Launch Special – you can cancel any time in your members back office, yourself, if needed.  Sign up and lock in your price before the launch special ends. 

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