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Precision Style Swing & Swing Trend Trading System Signals to Give You a Sharp Edge in Slicing Up & Out Profits from ES Emini & ES Emini Micro Futures with Our New SAMURAI ES Emini Trading Signals Service...

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SAMURAI System Results for ES Emini Signals - ES S&P 500 Emini Futures and Micro Futures Signals.

Here is the SAMURAI System for ES Emini Futures.  This is a Swing / Swing Trend type a system.  A swing trend is bigger than a swing and can be thought of as an extended swing. 

Based on the SAMURAI Trading System Taking All Trades in a Row. Sign up and get these trading signals!


ES Emini Futures

 The Trades

The Running Totals

















































1841.5x$50= $92,050 profit on 1 contract.  

ES point value is $50.  Each tick of .25 is $12.50 



  • SAMURAI-ES Emini Trading Signals are provided in your members back office that you will get access to after you join this trading signal service. And then we will email you when there is a new trading signal posted.
  • After entry upon a signal we will monitor profit optimization with our profit trail stop or profit maximization techniques.
  • SAMURAI-ES Emini Trading Signals can also be used as or thought of as: ES Emini signals, Emini swing trading signals, S&P 500 Signals, S&P 500 Trading Signals, S&P 500 Futures Signals, ES Emini Micro Signals, S&P Signals, Futures Signals, Index futures signals and so on...
  • Sign up and enjoy the power of SAMURAI trading system. We use the SAMURAI trading system to provide the signals for you. So there is an underlying exact, pre figured out and tested plan of action from which we derive the signals. There is no guessing. There is no wondering or trying to figure out what the market is doing. We simply trade this SAMURAI trading system. And nothing else.
  • We focus on one instrument at a time. These days our focus and intent is to develop cash flow centers and net worth building centers. This is done by focusing on one instrument at a time. So we will be trading the SAMURAI trading system taking all the trades in a row in order to develop out this trading plan while hoping to compound profits at accelerated rates over time.
  • So the object here is to trade this system. And as you can see from the system's performance results our hope in the future is that it will be able to perform in a similar way overtime. The markets itself, ES Emini Futures itself, will change in the way it moves about over time. It may start moving faster or slower, more smoothly or more in a more choppy fashion. Price action cycles like this over time back and forth between these different market speeds and flows of price action. By trading a trading system we don't worry about what the market is doing or how fast it's moving or slow, smooth or choppy, we just simply trade the system.
  • So our work is essentially done in 2 minutes a night or less. Once we are in a trade we just monitor our trail stop mechanism and we will tell you when we have a profit taking signal through an email alert.
  • It's very easy to trade this system and these signals. Each signal is a treasure of its own. Each signal has the potential to do extremely well as you can see from the track record. And since no one really knows when the best trades will happen, we don't pick and choose and we take all the systems trades in a row.
  • We use a fractional money management position size. Money management position sizes are best optimized overtime as one sees their own personal performance developed overtime.
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SAMURAI ES Emini Futures Performance Results Jan 1 2022 to July 29 2022
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