EL3 NADEX NQ US TECH 100 NADEX Trading signals

91.52% WINNING and 18,528 NQ Profit Points INSANITY!  Sign Up Before We Think Twice About Releasing These Signals!   Use for Spreads or 101010's

EL3 NADEX Signals for NADEX Daily Spreads - 1 Day Pops on NQ, NADEX'S "US TECH 100" for Daily.  Enter Between ~6-7:30 PM, Let Go to Expiration the Next Day.

We stumbled upon a new way for increasing precision with on close on open NADEX spreads signals for the sake of being able to handle different types of price action market better.  And EL3 has been impressive!

We wanted away that would also incorporate weak, confused market price action better and after some hard brainstorming EL3 arrived!

For perspective of frequency of trades you can take the number of trades and divide by the number of months for an average.  That's about 4.37 Trades a month for US TECH 100.

Watch video for explanation:

Based on the Precision Style EL3 System - See EL3 System's Performance Example

  • NADEX Spreads based on a NADEX daily spread with roughly in the middle of the range, even risk to reward on both sides roughly,  low premium plus and high deltas.
  • Some times we'll take the bigger spread for positions that we think have bigger potential to move farther. 
  • That said, you should pick the spread that you like best or that fits your risk to reward profile.  You can even use OTM 101010's and ride the momentum of that.
  • Feel free to take profits early.  Often, especially on NQ NASDAQ 100, US TECH 100, NQ can blow past the whole range of the spread easily, near maxing out the spread.   And if you happen to be watching, then it's always good to take profits early since NQ, the USA stock index futures can easily move back the other way.
  • That said, our EL3 System is based on going to expiration for convenience, easy of use, to spend a couple minutes a night and then let the position go to expiration. 


to February 15 2023
54W 5L
91.52% WINNING

Here's a Tabluation in Terms of Emini Profits

 23Totals for 2022 15,722 NQ Emini Points!
3/3/2023272Totals So Far 2806
  1. One Day Trades. 
  2. We send out an email when there is a new signal.
  3. Signal is posted on a memebers page. 
  4. These are all system based signals.  We get our signal from the system.
  5. For inexperienced traders: Notice the progression of trades.  Accuracy may look good now but markets can change.  There is no guarantee of future performance in the markets. Keep perspective. You could win.  You could lose. You could enter right durring a losing streak and  losing traders are attracted to losing.  You could screw up winning trading by bad position sizing.  If you decide to trade these signals that's your decision; trade smartly.  Although these signals were designed to by higher precision style signals any trade can still lose. The markets may start going through a funk, moving about in strange ways for a phase which can alter performance.  Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose.  See the disclaimers for explanation and logic below.  
  6. You get a members login after you sign up.  Save that login email.  And book mark your login link.
  7. Signals come out usually between 6 and 7 pm Eastern although they may come out later from time to time.

You can cancel at any time yourself in your members back office.  Sign up and start observing these signals so you can build confidence in them. 

$397/mo  – Launch Special for First 100 Subscriber: $99/mo 


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