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SAMURAI Trading Signals for Precision Swing Trading - Stock Trading Signals & Options Trading Signals on CAT - Caterpillar Stock

Stock Trading Signals

  • The entries will be quite straightforward. We provide entries initial stop loss and profit taking exit.
  • Sometimes we will give a particular specific profit taking exit other times we will just show you the method of profit-taking exits so you can exit easily move your trail stop the lockup profits.
  • We will only run one  stock as a system for the sake of systematic application of the SAMURAI trading system.  We are focused on cash flow generation that we can compound over time. 

Options Trading Signals

  • Options trading signals will be paired with the stock trading signals.
  • Options positions usually are: buying calls or buying puts.
  • There are short-term options positions that could be used and there are longer-term options one could use. Shorter-term positions target higher deltas. Longer-term positions target a minimization of premium decay. A long options position is simply a buy call or buy put trade.
  • You can also use these trading signals for naked options positions. What are naked options positions? They are options that you sell better shorter-term where you're looking to write some momentum and then expire at all option out of the money preferably. The ideal concept most people have is to expire the options out of the money. But that's not necessarily the ideal.
    • The ideal while selling naked options is to sell either at the money or someone in the money naked options and pair the entry into those options with a price action trigger system. 
    • So you swing trade naked options instead of trying to just collect the out of the money premium which is it old school method that we do not like. The advantage here is to put rapidly decaying premium on your side.
    • Additionally when selling naked options we do not like to use margin whatsoever.  Using margin with naked option selling traditionally has been a bad idea.
  • You can use credit and debit spreads with our signals to get a better reward to risk ratio for the sake of the better trading math and better profits. The objective here would be to combine the credit spread or debit spread entry with our swing trading type of trading signals to time a momentum trigger with your credit or debit spread positions. The object here would be to look to driving a position into maximum profitability into expiration. But also here you still have to have the ability especially with credit spreads to handle assignments of the underlying assets in case for example the underlying asset expires between your strikes.

SAMAURAI System Performance

Numbers are based on the system rules.  Also we added additional slippage factors to represent trading manually.  But if using buy stop and sell short stop orders to enter as well as contingent orders for options there would be less slippage on average. 

With options trading if you don't know already you have to account for premium decay factors and Delta factors. And what this means also is that you will need to pick the optimal option:   

  • You could use in the money options.
  • You could use out-of-the-money options although you would probably want a bit more time to expiration on those.
  • You could use credit and debit spreads.
  • You could even sell Naked options somewhat in the money for the sake of riding momentum while having premium Decay on your side.
 P/L SeriesRunning Totals
CAT Jan 1 20193.143.14
 1.33Total for 2019: 100.61


 P/L SeriesRunning Totals
CAT Jan 1 202015.1815.18
 14.32Totals to Nov 1 2020 176.51


SAMURAI Trading Signals  uses the SAMURAI Trading System to tell us what trading signal to send out. We are going to give you the system entry and exits to your email.   We will also post the signals to your members back office. 

This is Swing trading meaning that you can just check your signals and trade, make adjustments after the market closes.   You don't have to watch the markets during the day.

You can use stocks. A lot of people like using stocks because you don't want to have to worry about premium decay.

You can use options.   What type of options?   You can use options that are more near-term if you go a little bit into the money in order to get greater Delta's faster but also to not take so much of a hit on premium decay. 

Or you can use longer-term options to allow for bigger moves  while also having less premium decay versus a short-term option. That said longer-term options are more expensive in price and they have slower deltas.

You can also use our SAMURAI Trading Signals  for naked options selling and for credit or debit spreads.  These types of signals are good for that.  The only issue with selling naked options is that your risk to reward profile is upside down and when a stock goes against your your deltas speed up.  When you buy options, when a stock goes against you, your options deltas slow down.  Plus if there is a big market gap up in your favor, then your profits are limited.  If there is a big gap in price overnight that goes against you, your loss isn't limited like it is with long options. 

So here's the process in a nutshell:

  1. Sign up and get in the game.  Remember that you will be getting high probability trading signals for some of the best swing moves and swing trend moves. 
  2. See the instructions in the back office.   We try to make things as easy as possible for everyone.  We use buy stop and sell short stop trigger orders on stocks and price based contingent orders to trigger the options positions in (at the market) when the price gets triggered.  This makes trading much easier.  
  3. You can watch and learn, paper trade, or get started trading with a tiny position size to get a feel and build confidence in the signals.   
  4. Remember that these are trading signals based on the SAMAURAI Trading System.   We're not trying to guess or make stuff up on the fly!  
  5. We will run the SAMURAI system on one stock systematically.  But may also include new stocks that become hot or swap out some stocks if their price action story changes significantly enough.
  6. When there's a signal change or a new signal, we will send out an email.
  7. After you login to your members area and click on the signals access page you will  see the signal posted. 
  8.  We will provide the profit taking mechanism or we will provide you an updated trailing stop or optimized profit taking point.
  9.  We will give you the initial stop loss as well.
  10.  We will of course give you the entry.
  11.  For options trading you can use contingent orders, which is preferred, to trigger in to the trade at the entry price we give. With stocks you can use buy stop or sell Short Stop orders to enter.
  12.  After the trade is entered you'll want to make sure you have your stop-loss set on your stock or on your option with a contingent order on the option. Again a contingent order is simply a price trigger order to automatically execute your actions position at the market,  to open or close  the position at the price  trigger that you indicate,  that we give you.
  13.  We are running a trading system so we're not doing this on the Fly.
  14.  We may or may not give you special opportunity bonus trades meaning that if there's something extra hot on another stock then we will look to send that out.
  15.  So we will want to on purpose stick to one stock  at a time  When trading the system.  That said you could split up your positions between a couple different stocks. 
  16.  We may or may not add other stocks in the future. Sometimes a stocks story change it so much that we decide to stop trading it.   Also sometimes other stocks seem so irresistible in price action because their story has changed for the better that we may start to include that stock.
  17.  We may make another level of membership if we decide to include more stocks but really you only need one stock.
  18.  We can't promise you future returns but the potential and possibility to make fortunes over time is there.   That said,  other variables will include accuracy of execution,  proper position sizing and  proper choice of options if you are going to trade options.


Will I make a lot of money with your signals? 

Although we can't promise you future returns according to FTC rules SEC rule etc.  we believe the probability is high for making money with this system and a lot of it,  of course, otherwise we wouldn't be launching these signals.   

There are two variables that are important: which are us delivering you the signal and you executing the signal -  both in a timely way.   Also position sizing is important because some people who are not experienced may put too much money on one position, in options in particular, and that trade may not work out well  which would then set your back in your account. 

We can't tell you what position size to use, but with options, a standard concept would be to take your account and divided into 20 Parts which means at 5% position size per trade.  With this system we would personally go a bit larger but that's  because we have experience with our own system and that also we would be trading it as a  system,  as its own business.   On that note with trading signals of ours or any trading signal service make sure you are only using money you can afford to lose or as they call it risk capital only.

Can you recommend a broker to use?

 No we're actually technically not allowed to recommend a broker, only financial advisors can give you an official "recommendation".   But we would use one that has contingent orders and that is well established in the USA.

"Can I make $1,000,000  with your signals?"

Maybe.  It's possible.  That depends where you start. Also your position sizing is important; you want a position size that is not too big and not too small. 

That said, especially if using options, you could start with a very small amount, get a feel for the signals and then mature your position size into something more optimal.

Or you can take the static approach whereas you say to yourself, "I'm going to take 10 options contracts per trade and see how that does". 

Or you could take the static dollar amount approach that goes like, "I'm going to risk, to invest $1,000 per trade and see how that grows".   With that perspective you have to reflect on your current trading: how much are you risking per trade?  And when you enter a trade to you have an exact, solidly winning reason why?

It also depends on us brining you those signals consistently.  The system is SUPER.    Depends on how you do with what we send you.  Depends on your money management position sizing.  Depends on how long you stick with the program from where you are starting account size-wise. We believe system behind these  signals has the power and potential to take you there.  We just can't guarantee you any future returns because we're not allowed to. 

How long does it take to trade a signal?

Hmm.  If your computer is on I would say 2 minutes maybe 10.  Some actions steps: You login to see this signal. You login to your broker.   You place your buy stop or sell short stop order on your stocks or you place your contingent orders on your options.  Place your initial stop losses (contingent order trigger for options not an actual options stop loss).   When you are in a position that is advancing in profitability you just want to update your trail stop to lock some profits in.  We'll tell you how to trail stop.

 What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel in your members back office yourself.  You will be in charge and in control of your membership status; we gave this to you for your confidence in subscribing.   That said, as you'll see below, if we change our rates as we plan to do, you will have to get in at that new signals membership  price rate being charged at the time and you will not be able to get your old rate. We want to tell you this up front so you don't have any surprises later. But if you keep your membership at any lower rate then you will get to keep that rate.  Also on signals we do not take coupons. We do not do free trials. If the price of signals is too much of a stretch for you then trading stocks and options maybe too big.   You may want to generate some other cash flow from elsewhere to be able to properly fund a trading account in order to properly trade these signals.    You can also trade with one contract as well on options or smaller numbers of shares of stock.

Speaking of trading account size, you can start with one contract. Actually that is preferred. When you are learning a new trading system on your own we usually tell students about the importance of trading with one contract to start in order to get the mechanics down and prove the system to themselves,  even if they have a lot of money in their trading account and can trade at far greater position sizes.   Make sure do you understand that trading is a business and there's no room for getting emotional.  Emotions will suck you into the wrong side of the markets well getting you to miss the biggest moves. 

We wish everyone the best and hope you do extremely well with our SAMURAI trading signals services over time. 

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