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Discover the POWERFUL QQQ TERPETUALPOPS Trading Signal Service for QQQ Options Signals and QQQ ETF Signals.

QQQ TERPETUALPOPS Trading Signal Service Runs on the TERPETUALPOPS Trading System Which Was Designed for "Churning Cash Flow" Using 1 Day Trades Where We Get in Before Close and Get Out Before Close the Next Day...

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TERPETUALPOPS?? What happened to PERPETUALPOPS.  TERPETUALPOPS is a new method that was birthed out of PERPETUALPOPS.  And oh yeah, we should do a PERPETUALPOPS version too, but later.   Check out this system rolls below.
We like QQQ because the bid/ask spreads have been very good.  The options usually move well too.  QQQ can put it some good moves and the 10 to 15 point days are really nice.  
Check out how TERPETUALPOPS moves along.  It's a cash flow style system. This means its profitability has happened over series of trades.  So no trade is a one hit miracle, it's done over a series. 


TERPETUALPOPS Trading System Performance Which is Used for the  QQQ Trading Signals 

Here is a picture of the progression of trades. You can use for ETF trading.  You can use options.  If using options you need enough deltas with enough time time to expiration to reduce premium decay.  Yes we are in trades for only one day.

December first 2021  + 7.12 -3.23 + 6.97 + 3.84 + 10.65 -1.32 + 6.08 -5.31 + 5.43 + 3.96 + 9.81 + 9.87 + 1.34 + 4.92 +8.46 + 5.91 + 3.37 -1.12 + 2.73 + 1.34 - 3.19 + 5.17 + 12.64 -.43 + 3.98 -2.64 -1.15 + 9.36 -2.23 + 9.11 + 4.12 + 5.39 + 8.84 -3.44 -7.23 -3.31 -1.86 + 10.18 + 3.14 + 4.52 + 14.08 -5.21 -1.14 + 7.83 + 8.94 + 10.72 -1.19 + 5.12 + .78 + 6.41 - 5.43 -6.42 + 4.96 + 12.47 + 1.86 -11.14 -5.46 + 11.54 + 4.13 +7.18 -2.34 + 6.15 -5.21 + 7.13 +.18 + 5.26 + 4.35 - 4.11  +8.72-1.89+3.48+8.41-5.17+7.18-2.48+5.11+5.19+9.31-4.67+13.35+.81-1.34+2.49-15.42+12.25-4.84+9.32+.74+11.65+14.39+1.98+.35+3.79-5.82+3.7+7.42+9.88+3.34-7.96-5.54-3.96-2.74+2.19+8.49+11.03+13.87-1.46-12.49+4.42+6.42-.71+4.72+9.41-1.25-4.71+1.12+5.14+1.84+6.42+.21-5.54-1.42+4.48+3.12+8.93+4.97+4.42+4.78+2.21+6.41+2.62++5.08-4.71+2.84+5.03

= +382.14

July 29 2022


So that's 8 months around a +382.14 net on the ETF.   Options profits would have been based on quantity of contracts, what strikes you use, what time to expiration vs. premium decay. 

$97/mo. You can cancel if needed any time yourself in your member back office.
Check Out QQQ Options and How they Work and that they Do Work Through the Day. The images are in progression through the day 1 through 5.

TERPETUALPOPS QQQ - $5,490 1 Day Profit Example Walk Through with Simple +8.67 QQQ

So please see the series of images below. The key factor in what I want to show you is the progression throughout the day of the options price response to the movement in QQQ.  

This is important because it connects the dots of seeing the possibility of this TERPETUALPOPS QQQ  signal service working with one day trades.

Usually if someone thinks about taking a one day trade with options they kind of wonder if the stock with ETF can progressed enough to make any decent profits.

And that wonder is valid until you go examine the different types of options to use. When you pick the right types of options to use then you can profit. Some stocks have better options than others. 

QQQ has great options.  They are responsive. They have very low cost bid to ask spread difference  and that's important in keeping costs down. On the options we used,  it was only .07  on the bid/ask spread, which is really good.

With QQQ  options there are a lot of different short-term expirations. Remember that we are only playing one day and we're getting in before the clothes and we're getting out before the close the next day. It's just how this system works. If you want to swing trade to hold longer positions then look at OWP System E for a 5 day trade hold time on QQQ .  Additionally we are about to launch if haven't launched already QSPY's SAMURAI QQQ  trading signals service which is another great way to trade for precision news and we'll use different Trail stop methods in order to capture any extended run.

So look at the images below with the annotation explaining how the options move throughout the day. Annotations will tell you how many points QQQ  was up and what the options change was.  QQQ  options were very responsive and put in a really good payday of $5490 on 10 contracts for the day.    If you were trading with 1000 shares of QQQ EFT that would be an $8,675 profit for the day.  Most trade the options since QQQ is pretty expensive for 1000 shares as of this typing.

Click on image below to enlarge the image so you can better read it. 

Here is an Example of How Premium Decay Costs Work, with Math to Break Even. These explanations are posted here to show you how profiting with TERPETUALPOPS and QQQ options is possible. Click on image to enlarge.