TRENDCORE QQQ Trend Trading Signals - QQQ Options Trading Signals Service

TRENDCORE QQQ Trend Trading Signals - QQQ Options Trend Trading Signals Service

TRENDCORE is a Powerful, Fundamental Trend Trading Approach for Capturing New Trends and Anti-Trends. TRENDCORE Trend Trading System is Applied to QQQ as a QQQ Trend Trading Signals Service for Trading the QQQ ETF or QQQ Options

  • Trend Trading can be powerful. It just depends on how you do it. 
  • TRENDCORE is one of those "Must Do All the Time" types of trading approaches.  Why?
  • TRENDCORE is an easy, clear approach in terms of a system to trade.
  • What counts in trading is that your account keeps growing and starts compounding BIG over time.  The number of trades do not matter.  Some people equate value of a system or signal service to the number of trades, which is, well, pretty dumb.  
  • "The Less You Work the More You Will Tend to Make..."  famous saying.  That will be the case for most traders  on the planet.  TRENDCORE is that type of highly efficient, work less, make more system. 
  • TRENDCORE also has optimization profit taking methods for taking near maximum profit on certain trades while allowing for a move to continue on to near maximum profitability.
  • TRENDCORE is a trend trading system, yes.  But it's also an Anti Trend trading system which is very interesting!
  • For the TRENDCORE trading signal service we focus on one instrument at a time looking at the signal service, or the running of the system on that one instrument as a wealth building center. So after we make excess cash flow from other cash flow methods we would also look to add those proceeds to our TRENDCORE account on that instrument for wealth building.
  • Sign up and start putting the power of TRENDCORE to work for you for a wealth building plan of action.  You can start small and let TRENDCORE prove it self.  Then as your account grows, your position size for each trade can get bigger thereby providing compounding returns into the future as TRENDCORE performs on a positive path into the future. 

TRENDCORE System Performance for QQQ Used on TRENDCORE QQQ Signals

  • TRENDCORE has been a very solid approach to trading over time.  You can see this reflected in the TRENDCORE system's results below.
  • By joining the TRENDCORE trading signals service you will be getting access to these trades in real time.  
  • We will send you an email alert with entry and stop loss point.  Then after that we will send you emails for adjustments in profit taking trail stops or profit optimization target prices for profit maximization capturing. 
  • Get a picture of the flow and frequency of the trades.  For example, 2021 had 14 trades.  Trades come as the system dictates and it's not fixed in time.  One month you may have, say, 3 trades.  Some months you may not have any trades and may still be riding the prior trade with profit trailing. 
  • Sign up below and get on the TRENDCORE wealth building plan.  By doing so you also keep focused on a  plan and focus in trading over time is very important.  And that focus upon a plan is also why these trading signals are so valuable. 


2021Trades P/LRunning Totals
 17.98Totals for 2021: 228.89


 Trades P/LRunning Totals
Up to August 9 202217.98Totals So Far: 187.87


$297/mo  – Special launch price of $97/mo for the first 100 members.  Sign up and lock in your rate! You have control of your subscription in your members back office and can cancel any time you want.

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