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In this series we’re going to talk about how utterly important it is to run and keep on running the CFE2 trading system with the goal of compounding cash flow generation over time.

CFE2 targets the meat of the swing.  It’s a 2 day “POP” style trade where we get out after 2 days.  It’s not a gimmick but a way developed for more dependable cash flow.  

Aiming for “big gains” on every trade gets a lot of traders in trouble.  They are afraid of missing out.  They may even think that they are a “bad person” if they don’t sell at the tippy top or buy at the very bottom.   That type of thinking usually leads to losing over time.  It’s also similar to the concept of “a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step….”  or “How to you eat an elephant? One bite at a time….”.

There is something powerful that happens when you lock in profits after a 2 day gain.  It follows along the principle of “little by little, inch by inch….. it’s a cinch” (or however that saying actually goes.).  

Once you start building progress in trading neat things happen.  You start becoming more positive.  And that’s a big deal because one is attracted to what’s in their mindstate in the markets.  You start building confidence which is the ability to stay focused on what you want to go get what you want. 

Start checking out CFE2 Options Trading Signals & Stocks Trading Signals Service.  Sign up. Watch trades go by.  See it happen before your eyes.  Demo trade it.  Build confidence in the method.  What if it actually works for you?    

This is not something that you want to miss and say woulda shoulda coulda later…

CFE2 Options Trading Signals & Stocks Trading Signals Service
…Based on the CFE2 Cash Flow Style Trading System for 2 Day Trades.

This CFE2 Trading System Is Designed to Be a Solid Cash Flow Generation Machine. We Target the Meat of a Swing Based on Our Smart Entry Mechanism. Then We Just Keep Doing the Deals Over and Over – That’s It! Sign up and See for Yourself. Watch the Trades. Start Small then Grow Step by Step.

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