How To Profit From Trading Signals

How To Profit From Trading Signals

How to profit from Trading signals? Well that’s an easy one conceptually. The idea would be to sign up for a good trading signals service that has a good win rate and that has a good profit return amount versus loss amount when a trade loses.

But wait there’s something else that’s involved in the equation. You have to think in terms of how much money you have available to trade that trading signal service. You have to also think about consistency of trading the signals.

But why would you trade the signals at first, right after joining a trading signals service, if you don’t have confidence in the trading signal service because you haven’t paper traded the signals to boost your confidence that the signals service can put out the signals as you expect or at least close to it?

The trading signals service,  assuming that the trading signals service has a consistent approach meaning that it’s based on a trading system, will have times of better performance in times of less performance. Why is that? It’s because the marketplace changes in its price action speed and flow on a regular basis. These are common price action cycles in the markets.

On the other hand if you are an experienced trader, you could use the trading signals service as trading ideas service to keep your focused, to give you ideas that coordinate with your own intuition and your own optimizations. Some people do very well with this approach as well.

At this point in time on BEST Trading, our objective is to create several very solid, independent, cash flow trading signals services because we want to trade them ourselves as solid, consistent, dependable, independent cash flow streams. 

And we wanted to create multiple streams of cash flow income from trading each trading signal service. That’s the plan we are executing. 

And as each trading signal service is available for you to sign up, you can participate in this cash flow journey too.

So after you sign up for a trading signal service and observe the trades over time, gaining perspective and confidence in that trading signal service, you will be able to make the decision on how much capital to use in your trading. Your position sizing has to match the style of trading, the frequency of trading, the winning % of the method and the amount of funds gained upon win vs. the amount of money lost upon a lost, on average.   

Many, at the start, take the “play money” approach for position sizing taking a very small amount for testing the trading signal service over time.  A good signal service should be able to grow that small amount into a larger one and compound it over time.  Of course you can’t start too small.  But if your first several trades are all winners then you could get away with starting super small. 

I would say this is a good starting perspective on how to make money from trading signals, how to profit from trading signals. So your next step is to go sign up for some trading signal services. 

Here are various trading signals services below and you can access trading signals from our front page on BEST Trading  the above menus on this post.

If you have any questions, or if you’re looking for a particular type of trading signal service and need help, you can contact us from the contact page link below.


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