Introducing the new CHRONICAPOPS Cash Flow Trading Signal Service Method.

Introducing the new CHRONICAPOPS Cash Flow Trading Signal Service Method.  How does it differ from PERPETUALPOPS and TERPETUALPOPS?  

CHRONICAPOPS   is more select on the types of entries it uses. PERPETUALPOPS and TERPETUALPOPS  you could say is a certain type of numbers game that happened  to work out extraordinarily well by taking all bars with  price gravity flow.

Ultimately what we’re trying to do here is create multiple streams of cash flow. Different trading systems trade in different ways. Some do better at certain times and certain price action scenarios and others that’s why the concept of running multiple training systems at the same time that provide balance, that diversification for profit maximization.

The concept is also that we want to take small amounts of money and grow them step by step to larger amounts of money so they can start compounding profits thereby growing very big and very fast. This is an ideal that we are looking to do strategically and systematically.

With our trading signal services you can join in on this pursuit and these programs for looking to establish these multiple  streams of cash flow. So we grow them like little seeds oh, nurture them so they can become big fruit bearing,  produce bearing plants. But we do look to start small in case you’re concerned about running multiple signal services at the same time.

Here check out the new CHRONICAPOPS system results below.   We may look to add this method to other instruments. It works better on some instruments than others just like any other system You could argue.  But let us know what you think?  Check out the systems results in series of trades below.

Yes we can run CHRONICA POPS on NADEX, QQQ and SPY as well. 

But check out more information and the powerful results we are able to obtain with CHRONICAPOPS, here: 

CAT  Caterpillar  JAN 1 2022 to Aug 2 2022

= +160.54

= +65.01
Stop July 29

  • Nice and easy to trade
  • Cold hard low premium decay cash
  • These are ONE DAY POPS 
  • More precision based vs. PERETUALPOPS and TERPETUALPOPS which are more “brute force” cash flow “churning” types of systems.  CHRONICAPOPS (or whatever name we choose ) is more strategic and it doesn’t trade as frequently. 
  • Let us know and we’ll launch it.  You can contact us from the link below.



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