NADEX Day Spread Trading – Better than Forex Trading? How So?

How is this possible? What are the advantages of  NADEX daily spreads vs. Forex Trading?

Well it depends how you going to trade of course, but we found a new way to trade that takes a lot of work out of trading Forex. And what we are going to do is that we are going to take advantage of the day spread on NADEX .  Yes that “boring ol’ day spread” on NADEX.  And we’ve made it exciting.  Most people just don’t trade them in a smart enough way.  But our PERPETUALPOPS Way is exciting and unique. 

Check this out: 

NADEX day spreads have certain properties to them. They expire at 4:15 p.m. Eastern the next day. But they open up at 6 p.m. the prior day. So we can get in for the next day after the markets closed and as NADEX opens at 6. 

As a side note, on our PERPETUALPOPS signals service for Russell 2000 If we wanted, we could also trade the vanilla options on the RUT cash index to play the next day we would have to get in before the close although for vanilla options.  We moved to NADEX and the day spreads because Russell 2000 cash index RUT options just became so hideously expensive.

The great thing about the next day spread is that we can make money through momentum, even having 100% hundred percent deltas  in the day spread,  particularly through the middle of the spread  although you do have some premium on the day spreads near the edges or if you are OTM of the range of the day spread, But it’s pretty close to one hundred percent deltas when trading the momentum, especially on the big spread, which is great. 

And the thing is that when you make profit point achievements in a NADEX spread, past your entry point on the next day, you get to keep the profits. You don’t have to clear some in the money point as you do with binary options.   On the other hand you could trade ATM or OTM binary options with PERPETUALPOPS as well, just set and forget those too, going for expiration. 

And with the next day spread we don’t need to sit there watching it all day as we usually would would have to do to day trade Forex or emini futures (although you could mimic the same trade here with PERPETUALPOPS, but just use a stop loss).   We don’t even need to use a stop loss with a NADEX day spread because our risk is preset right up front by NADEX, which determines our reward-to-risk ratio. Sure we can use a stop-loss if we want. But that just depends on the type of trade and you were doing.

So the new discovery we have had over the years is on close trading.  This is a concept of putting on a trade overnight on close, or rather on open with the NADEX daily spread. We can just enter the trade and then let the markets, through our system, do its thing.

And then we just simply trade a couple minutes a night and we don’t have to sit there stressing all day about price going up and down worrying about our stop-loss worrying or worrying about some sort of trail stop. We don’t need to do that because entry and profit-taking is all in the system. We can just let a position go to expiration and then collect the profits.

With the system like this you have to have all the factors figured out ahead of time so you  just enter and forget about it.

Come on and check out our new Forex signal service using the NADEX Forex daily spreads.   It’s quite impressive.  See for yourself.

And Here’s a PERPETUALPOPS 2 minutes a night set and forget cash flow system trading signals for the NADEX day spread on Russell 2000 “US Smallcap 2000”  Check this one out too…

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