NEW!  ANNOUNCING OCTPETUALPOPS! One Day Day Trading Evolution…

NEW!  ANNOUNCING OCTPETUALPOPS! One Day Day Trading Evolution into a New HYPER Cash Flow Style with Incredible Systems Results

OCTPETUALPOPS is a new style of day trading system.  It’s a one day trade that’s done in a couple minutes a night and if you’re trading a non derivative asset, then you would have to exit before close or use an automated trigger to close out your position before close.  It’s super EASY.

This means that we get in and get out in one day. We get in at the opening of the new day (at night shortly after the markets close) on Forex, NADEX, and emini futures,  which starts at around 6 p.m. Eastern after the markets have done there processing work from 5 to 6.    So when we get in after 6 it doesn’t count as an overnight hold. Even though we are technically holding overnight there is no overnight marginm at least on emini Futures and NADEX.

OCTPETUALPOPS trades almost everyday. It’s a system  that ” looks out into the future”  to determine a high probability close directions for the next day. And it’s uncanny how it is able to do so.

That said we are not technically looking out into the future at some mystical thing we are simply basing a future closed based on  how price is situated on the price charts.

Ultimately seeing is believing  and experiencing is believing. So  therefore,  you can check out more details on the main page and you can sign up wow membership is available just start watching OCTPETUALPOPS  in real time!

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