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PERPETUALPOPS  Example on NADEX Daily Spread – Be In the Game to Not Miss Out

Check out the image below.  Yes it was a nice day.  And the example here is that when you have the full or near full profit, and you happen to see it – It’s not a bad idea to snatch it.

PERPETUALPOPS is called PERPETUALPOPS because it keeps on putting trades out, one a day.   In order to trade this system well you want to get in the game and get into the SEQUENCE of trades. 

Fortunately it’s only about, what 1-3 minutes a night of “work” to trade. If you’re already logged into NADEX and your email that “work” could be 15 to 30 SECONDS a night.  That’s all we do.  Then we leave the trade on till expiration.

This system was designed to: 1. With great probability, make a lot of cash flow.  2. Be super easy and time saving. 

PERPETUALPOPS is totally a method designed for busy people.  We designed this system in hopes to eventually evolve into a side cash flow stream and then into a primary cash flow stream that keeps compounding. 

In regards to trading PERPETUALPOPS NADEX Trading Signals:

PERPETUALPOPS system is designed so you don’t even need to exit, just let it go to expiration.  That is the system.  

But sometimes a full profit can peel backwards i.e. when you have one of those intraday trend shifts that happen around noon.  Or maybe there is a “Fed” announcing that can send the markets the other way. 

So if you happen to be watching the markets, because you’re trading other things or because you just can’t resist, then if you see a full day spread profit, or rather, price is at the edge or past your spread’s profitable side, and  you’re close to full profit, why not take the dough and go!  You don’t have to but some of you will want to do so.  The system is designed to go to expiration.  But if you want to optimize a bit you could take those full profits when you have them.

On the other hand, when the markets go against us sometimes the market can come back and put our spread position in profit.  So we don’t want or need to use “stop losses”.  Yes, that’s the thing.  We designed PERPETUALPOPS NADEX Spreads trading signals so there is no need for a stop loss!   Now that’s a relief.  Because if we had a stop loss, we would have to watch the markets all day. 

All in all PERPETUALPOPS was designed to be a high probability “Numbers Game”.  So the goal is to systematically do the numbers.  And as you can see from the historical performance of the PERPETUALPOPS system, the numbers have worked out quite well.

So if you are interested in putting “the numbers” to work for you, check out more info, signup and gain perspective and confidence in the PERPETUALPOPS method.  Fortunately, NADEX has a good demo to trade along as well.

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