PERPETUALPOPS NADEX Signal’s System Secret – We Use “Price Gravity”..

PERPETUALPOPS NADEX Signal’s System Secret – We Use “Price Gravity”. 

Price gravity? What is price gravity?

Did you just make that up? Well yes in fact, we just made up the term price gravity but it’s a descriptive term that gives a good conceptual picture of a pressing force that pushes an object one way or another. In this case the object is the price of the underlying asset.

In trading we need an edge. So we need to have some sort of advantage or consistency that we can align ourselves with in our trading decision making so we can enter at a point and then have the momentum of the markets push the markets away from our point of entry into greater profit.

So when we designed the PERPETUALPOPS trading system in its various forms, we sought factors of price gravity that would put us in a good position for having a high probability move, the following day, move in our favor.  So then, we could just place trades on a repeated basis having those series of trades work out so that the revenues minus the cost of those trades could net out a profit on average.

Now everything one does in strategic or systematic trading is based on what has happened in the past. In systems trading, we are taking  high probability trading positions based on what the market has habitually done over time.

That’s not to say the market may not go through different phases price action behavior, such as smooth and trending, versus choppy and confused or stagnant. So it’s a game of averages over time and we want that game that can make money and grow that money over time with a systematic approach.

I think most people nowadays know that trading is a probability game of averages these days. But in the past, a lot of people had all sorts of pie in the sky ideas of automatic push button instant presto guaranteed riches concepts, when it came to trading.  That was due to a proliferation of bad marketing.  Then they went on to get their tails kicked by the markets.  They didn’t want to deal with the reality of how things work, they wanted some mystical fairy tail.  That said, once you really start to get more in-depth insights into the markets and treat the markets fairly, you can start to see secrets to how the marketplace works.  And you can then start to use those secrets to your advantage.

Trading is also a business and it’s very much like many other different types of traditional businesses. Some people think ,and some advertisers imply that going into business such as opening up a restaurant, especially a franchise restaurant,  is a sure thing,  a “legitimate” thing,  is a solid way to make money for sure.    But that’s not true whatsoever since so many different variables can take a profitable restaurant and turn it into a massively money-losing endeavor pretty quickly such as bad press,  rising cost,  bad reviews online whether legitimate reviews or not,  a bad incident or accident  at the restaurant,   a “Dirty Dining” report,  a legal problem whether legitimate or illegitimate all while requiring so many factors that must be  coordinated such as employees to food shipments to having food readily and regularly prepared and fresh and so on and so forth, and all in combination with a ton of work and a non stop 24/7 worry.  

But if people treated trading as seriously as the usually would in running a professional restaurant or even as serious as they would be in their jobs then they would tend to do a lot better.

Now this is a very large topic but ultimately the point is that we need to have many factors running in line in order to have a successful business, yes.  But ultimately any sort of business is a gamble  of one sort or another and nothing is guaranteed.

So why not instead,  reduce your general work requirement and effort in life by 99.9% and either learn a trading system like PERPETUALPOPS, a 2 minute a night or less system, some other swing trading system or some of our other vanilla options POPS systems at Options Trading AUTHORITY,  or a trend trading system which requires only a couple minutes and night of work,  and then that seriously so just maybe, you could establish one or many streams of income that can grow and compound over time.   Because a trading business has much more upside potential with a lot less work and a lot less trouble especially since you don’t have to engage with society.

And you can make life even easier by signing up for our PERPETUALPOPS  trading signals services.  So far we have one with NADEX  and another with Forex.   You can check these out here.

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