The Best 2 Approaches to Big Profits with Trading Signals

Trading signal Services can be very helpful for sure. I personally have used them in the past when I was younger (don’t need them anymore;). Actually some services helped me make a lot of profits. How?

So with the services that I use successfully what did I do at the time?

Well the main service I used was strategic in nature as a service. So I used that service to supply me with an ample supply of good training ideas. From those ideas I picked and further refined the ones I felt where the best. This is called these strategic approach.

Understand that I was pretty young at the time and I didn’t develop any trading systems by that point. Most of my trading at that point was based on intuition that I developed quite well since a very young age in the markets.

One day I realized that trading intuitively was so time consuming raining. I started to explore for another way to trade that was a little bit more efficient and I ran into price base Trading with price base strategy and price based systems.

Shortly thereafter I realize that many of my intuitive base concepts could be translated to simple rules on a price chart!  That was an amazing discovery for me at that point. Trading was WAY more simple than I made it but it was very interesting that my developed intuition was picking out these patterns without hardly knowing anything about a price chart at the time.   To me that confirmed that there is some sort of special validity to price chart patterns and setups.

The Strategic approach can be used with a strategic based trading signal service or a systematic based trading signal service.

What’s a systematic based trading signal service? It’s a trading signal service that provides trading signals based on the rules of a trading system. So there’s not any guessing involved. Now you use that systems signal service two ways:

1. Use the systemic signal Service as a source for a constant stream of high probability trading ideas. From which you can optimize that trading idea in coordination with some of your own indicators or price base setups off of price chart. Actually that’s a pretty good idea and will be suitable for most, especially starting out or those who are scared of a system.

2. The other way to use a systematic trading signal service is to Simply use the service as is. What does that mean? Well if it’s a trading signal service based on a trading system the maximum value at least theoretically would be to Simply run the system. So the concept is that you simply do the system, hope the results work out well, and if they are similar to the Past then one could have reasonable expectation for the ability to compound profits over time.

Have you ever heard of the Turtle Traders? If you have not you should look up their story online or get the book Market Wizards by Jack Schwager. You’ll discover as you read more about Richard Dennis and the Turtle Traders the amazing genius of running a solid trading system with the right position sizing math.

Arguably, systems trading is the best way to go in the sense that it has the potential to produce the most consistent returns overtime, the tendency to get you more focused on comp sting returns overtime, and additionally it takes the least time involved with the least amount of mental and emotional involvement since you are just simply following a set of rules.

And you know where to find some of the Best Trading Signals out there already.


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