Trading for a Living – Discovering Hidden Pitfalls and Finding the Shortcuts

How does one really succeed in a thing?

The avoid the pitfalls and get you the end destination speedily.

They don’t explore every possible problem there is looking to feel safe and secure. They go for the goal. And Pitfall avoidance comes from first going directly to the goal speedily.

By going to the goal directly and speedily they discover shortcuts. And shortcuts are critical for success.

Trying to be a master of everything get you nowhere fast. How can you be a master of everything? Why does one want to be a master of everything? That tends to be a tendency these days probably because there is so much more availability to information and possibilities and quite frankly it’s just downright interesting and exciting.

But that said chasing after what’s interesting and exciting versus what needs to get done in order to be successful can be two very different things.

Let’s look at Trading. If you want to be successful in trading your just going to have to Simply get really good at Trading. What does that mean? There are probably over a thousand different ways to make money from the markets, actually make money. So which way are you going to go? Are you going to try to do all of them? Of course that’s not very practical.

Sometimes we just need to make a decision and make a decision quickly and go for it. Remember Napoleon Hill and his famous book Laws of Success where Napoleon study of the most successful men and America and he wrote down his discoveries. One of his key principles was that all successful people we’re fast decision-makers. Napoleon noted that it wasn’t necessarily how well thought out that vision was or how strategic the decision was or how many think tanks a add that went into making decision… The factor towards trading the success came from the speed of decision-making create isn’t that interesting?

So what it comes down to is that we need to make decisions quickly and get better and better at making decisions quickly. Because when we do so we start tapping our intuitive gut center of “knowing” where we know right from wrong and from which we can do amazing things in real time and not even know how we did them, we get better and better at tapping this amazing source of information.

Well I could go on about that but what we need to do in trading is make decisions more quickly until we become better at making decisions.

And when it comes to arming yourself with shortcuts simply buying a good trading system or a good trading signal service can save you years if not decades of time. Not only that if you find a good system or signal service that works for you you could potentially compound into very large trading accounts over time especially if you start building right away.

But for many buying a good trading system and or signal service takes decisive decision-making. If you intuitively feel that it is the right thing to do to get professional insight that has been pre figured out for you then you must move. Otherwise you stand at a point in time right now whereas you could potentially start compound your trading account into immense fortunes. Or not and not move forward with trading success.

It’s either try to figure it out on your own and spend maybe decades trying to figure out what we figured out over 30 years. Or be incredibly leveraged by simply combining 30 years into a few moments that it would take you to bought a system or join a service and simply put the system more service to work. Also buy investing in a trading system you are going to learn the secrets of the trading system and that knowledge and understanding will help you develop your own into the future.

So learn from the most successful people of all times and become a quick decision maker. I can speak from experience that quick decision-making works. But I can also speak from experience that fear, pondering, doubt, being a cheapo, pride thinking I can do everything on my own has cost me fortunes in all types of things in life thus far. So from this day forward let’s all become quick decision makers and become very good at doing so to the point that we become so in tune to our “knowing” gut instinct that we join the ranks of some of the most successful people on the planet.



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