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So we like the concept of more profit less work.  Well, we’ve grown to appreciate the concept of “the less you do the more you make”.  That doesn’t imply sitting around doing absolutely nothing, it implies ultra efficiency.  

What do you really want from trading?  

Why are you in trading?

A lot of people have gotten into trading because it was ‘hot’ or the ‘thing to do’ or ‘everyone else was doing it’ or it seemed ‘exciting’.  Their goal was what?  Arguably, to have fun and do something exciting.  It wasn’t to make money and grow that money.

A lot of people who then try to get serious about trading, try and try but they just struggle with it since their 1st association with trading was about fun and excitement and they just don’t want to give up on the concept of having fun and excitement.   So they stumble and get themselves into all sorts of trading error when they attempt to trade “for real”.

So we thought, hmm… let’s do something creative.  Let’s make a trading system that was fun, exciting and easy to do and that was even set & forget so people would not be bogged down by having to watch their position after they enter.   Making a method of trading as “set & forget” allows for a huge burden to be removed from trading.  Entering is easy.  But watching that trade can be a mind occupying burden.  So therefore we decided to turn to NADEX, NADEX day spread in particular for this new PERPETUALPOPS NADEX Trading Signals Service.

We have seen overtime that for many people, that the more they trade, the more trouble they get themselves into.  And this because, largely, they haven’t taken the time to step by step master the process of trading a system or a strategy and they get distracted or for whatever other reason.

Maybe they have other issues, other stresses in their lives. Maybe they just don’t like active trading but they just want to way to make a money so they are trading with a mind-state that is negative towards the marketplace which strangely doesn’t usually work out well.

Others believe that they need to “work hard for their money.”  Yet in most cases, working hard is usually associated with low pay.  Work hard, barely get by.  There is no 1:1 correlation of working harder to making more money.    But there is a correlation of your money working hard for you while you work less and focus on getting your money working harder for you.

This is the way we’ve been thinking.    We’ve tried the “work real hard” and “work like a machine” method.  It’s lame.  The harder we worked, the less we made.  So after waking up out of that dumb mindset, we stared noticing that money making started skyrocketing by working less and by focusing on making money work for us. 

Here we have a trading signal service based on this principle of working less and making more plus the principle of making money work for you.  This approach is called PERPETUALPOPS.  For example, it has made around 2000 points of profit in 5 months off the Russell 2000 as a system which is VERY good.   

And in this NADEX trading signal service, we just pop on a NADEX day spread almost every night.  It takes less than 2 minutes to trade estimated.  If you have NADEX platform already open, it will take less than 15 seconds to trade a day.  It’s set and forget so you don’t have to mind the trade after entry. You just just let it go to expiration. 

So therefore let’s make trading easier.

How do we make trading easier?

Well from our standpoint of developing trading systems and trading systems for trading signals services,  we are looking to have a certain approach that achieves a certain defined goal.  We aim at a certain end result we want in developing that system.

The defined goal here was to have a signal service based on a system that would simply get in right after the market closes. And that’s it. That’s all the work you need to do. Because we are trading the NADEX daily spread , the daily spread expires  the following day.

The daily NADEX spread can have a predefined risk-to-reward ratio. You can exit the spread whenever you want if you wanted to step in early, if for example, you had the full profit and wanted to grab it. Otherwise NADEX will just simply pay out whatever profit points you achieve and there’s no in  the money vs. out-of-the-money concept.

So we actually developed several trading systems to make this happen. One of the ones we launched is a more prolific one called PERPETUALPOPS NADEX Trading System that we put into as the engine behind the PERPETUALPOPS NADEX Signals Service.

PERPETUALPOPS  is based on the Russell 2000 or “US Smallcap 2000” as NADEX likes to call it.  It provides almost a daily signal as we get in on close and let the position go to expiration the next day.   It’s a very powerful system.

You’ll have to check this out more here at this link to get more info.   You can contact us with any questions. Otherwise you can just sign up,  lock in your  membership and watch the trades go by day by day in real time in order to see for yourself,  to get a feel for performance in real time.

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