CFE RELENTLESS Day Trading Cash Flow System & Signals Designed for More Control

CFE RELENTLESS Day Trading Cash Flow System & Signals Designed for More Control, Control of Entry and Exit Based on Triggered Momentum in the Underlying Asset 

Sometimes markets moves smoothly and greatly, providing tons of easy profits. Other times and markets don’t move so smoothly and are a bit confused. Sometimes, markets are downright erratic.

We are seeing confused in erratic at this time of this typing but that can easily resolved into smooth or powerfully dramatic with awesome price action moves as soon as the confusion, the consolidation settles out.   Regardless we all need a way that’s going to give us more control while reducing our risk at all times. And how do we do that?

We’ve recently developed a solution to be able to give us a rock solid plan for continual cash flow generation across all sorts of different  market price action conditions.  We do this with what we call the breakout pop. 

With CFE RELENTLESS we use in one day break out pop. This can work well with stocks,  futures, emini futures, emini micro futures, forex and options (using contingent order triggers).

What we do is that we have certain types of price action scenarios where we will have a trigger for the next day.   And we enter by this trigger using a buy stop order or a sell short stop order or even a contingent order (options or stock or ETFs) to trigger us in via price.  Then we get out by the close the next day. 

So this is day trading, yes.  But it only takes a couple minutes at night and we just get out before the close.  There are time based contingent orders that can be used,  check with your broker on that.

Why a 1 bar pop?   Because it works out well!   It’s not done as a trick or gimmick or by any sort of  principal, it’s done because it fits into the goal of what we are trying to accomplish which is continuous, churning, cash flow.

We now have two of the signal services available:  for QQQ and for GBPUSD

You can check out the performance of the system and how and has done over time particularly the last several months of choppy markets.

Check out more information on CFE relentless trading signals service and look at the power of a cash flow stacking start with Trading.

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Get more info and sign up! Seeing is believing. Start watching the trades go by and be ready for some great trading days ahead!

Check out more information on CFE RELENTLESS  trading signals service and look at the power of a cash flow stacking  start with Trading.


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