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What Makes CFE RELENTLESS QQQ Day Trading Signals Different?

What Makes CFE RELENTLESS QQQ Day Trading Signals Different than Our Other Day Trading Signals Services?

CFE RELENTLESS Day trading signals services is a style of trading that is in line with our Cash Flow ENFORCER philosophy.  It’s a type of trading system that is designed for the goal of reliable, solid, cash flow.

We’re not so concerned about finesse but we are rather more concerned about dependable cash flow in general and with this approach because it’s the systems that don’t try to get too fancy which are usually the most profitable over time, by far. And this concept especially works well with underlying assets such as stocks, Forex and Futures. It can also work well with high delta NADEX spreads and knockouts.  

With vanilla options we have to pick the best options that will pay us well, as per price action movement in the underlying asset. And then we have also balance any premium decay factors in the process. You can trade shorter-term in-the-money options for getting quick into to high delta’s. Or you can trade further out of the money with more time on it to reduce premium decay to almost nothing although your delta’s will slow down.

Some stocks can put in some really great moves on a daily average basis. And  some stocks have really good options as well. So when we can combine very good options prices with very good stock movement from day-to-day then we can put ourselves in a very good position to succeed and potentially make a lot of cash flow on an ongoing basis.

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