Why Use CFE RELENTLESS Day Trading Cash Flow System Signals?

Why Use CFE RELENTLESS Day Trading Cash Flow System Signals? We designed the system for greater consistency and stability of performance.

It takes very little work to trade. A couple minutes a night and then get out before the close which takes, what, another minute.

With CFE RELENTLESS Day Trading Cash Flow System & Signals we use a style called “the breakout pop”. This helps us avoid a lot of the wildness that can occur with doing the on close or on open methods of these one bar, or  even 2 bar or 3 bar pops or more.

Now on one hand the on close or on open methods can certainly have their profit boosting ability.  But when the markets  are really confused and nutty, the breakout pop method is usually more consistent and usually avoids losses better nearby giving a nice consistency that has a more dependable feel to it and usually a more dependable results.   And more dependable results are the pinnacle of what a professional trader wants over time because that consistancy can be better compounded for masive growth over time..

You may ask, why have so many systems and signals?

Well on one hand, when a person invests in the stock market, don’t they usually have a portfolio of stocks for diversification?   Well how about having a number of systems that are running at the same time for diversification?! 

Additionally, we think of each trading system as a business operation manual to its own unique business. If you’ve had any franchise ownership experience you probably know how important the operations manual is to that franchise. In a sense, that operations  manual IS the business,  and that operations manual must be followed to a “T”,  with the parent franchise company coming around to your franchise from time to time to inspect your franchise whereas if you fail your inspection they could even shut you down.   

And a trading system’s rules are like the “operations manual” to a trading business. 

Well why not treat the running of multiple trading systems  as if you were running multiple ” franchises”  for multiple streams of cash flow?

With our trading systems we are not so worried about “what if a system doesn’t perform” since our systems are very good,  we are concerned about maximizing profitability because some systems will do better than others in different types of price action phases.  So therefore, we run multiple systems for multiple streams of income, for multiple sources of diversification for maximing profitabilty since some systems do better than others in different price action time frames.   And since running a system takes the guess work out of trading, we can run multiple systems at once looking to never veer from executing the system’s rules. 

So if you’re looking for a solution they can put you in a high probability position for profit on a more consistent basis then you may want you check out CFE RELENTLESS Day Trading Cash Flow System & Signals,  sign up, and see for yourself how the system signals progress over time.

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