Good Till the Last Drop with PERPETUALPOPS NADEX Signals – See Spreads + Price Gravity Turn Loser into Winner

Good Till the Last Drop  with PERPETUALPOPS NADEX Signals – See Spreads + Price Gravity Turn Loser into Winner

See the image above.  I want to point out how intraday drama doesn’t necessarily mean that the Russell 2000 is going to close in the opposite direction drama.

We’ve been dealing with the Russell 2000 RUT, RTY, “US Smallcap 2000” on NADEX, for years.  A trend in the morning, doesn’t mean that trend is going to last much past noon, and quite often, that morning trend gets totally reversed upon into the opposite direction, and strongly.

True, from time to time we get a single direction trend for the same day.  But PERPETUALLPOPS usually catches those days, riding those days to profits. 

I want to remind some folks that when you are looking at a system or signal track record, remember to also see the time pacing perspective to the trades and the net profit of a system.  We all want profits and more profits, now.  And that’s cool.  We’re working on even faster cash flow solutions. 

But even though PERPETUALPOPS can go on some sweet, juicy, profit stacking, profit pounding runs, it’s still running at a day by day pace and when the swing direction gets stuck so can profit momentum. 

So it’s a combination between momentum days and stagnation days. 

That said, PERPETUALPOPS takes only, what, less than 2 minutes  a night or so, for a side “business” designed to become a highly efficient cash flow habit.   So our objective in trading PERPETUALPOPS is to establish that very low effort cash flow source, and in combination with NADEX, we can do that.

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