PERPETUALPOPS NADEX Signals with NADEX Knockouts Can Be a Powerful Combo,

PERPETUALPOPS NADEX Signals – with NADEX Knockouts Can Be a Powerful Combo, a Very Profitable Combo, if RUT Doesn’t Hit the Wrong Side..

At fist we weren’t going to use NADEX Knockouts.  But we’ve found an additional trigger that shows us when we can get in and more likely not hit the wrong side of the knockout. 

If you hit the wrong side of the knockout, you get knocked out, the trade closes with the stop loss creating the loss.  Not very fun, especially when moves can go come back and win later.  At least there is a predetermined risk.    But some times we get some strong overnight or morning moves that knock us out on the positive side, giving us full profits, which is pretty nice. Because Knockouts can pay BIG.  

Overall we still like day spreads better but on some days and during slower, more confused times, price action wise, the smaller spread has too much premium to overcome and the large spreads, well they can be good too but the risk to reward ratio becomes closer to 50/50 or less, whereas the day spread, near the edge is a 2/1 reward to risk. And on the knockouts we can get around a 4/1 reward to risk.  It’s just that if price moves too far the wrong way on the knockout, then it gets knocked out, yet, we don’t need to worry about that on a spread. 

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