How do NADEX Trading Signals Work? 

How do NADEX Trading Signals Work in Coordination with the NADEX Platform, Its Opportunities and It’s Limitations?

  • NADEX Spreads, Binaries and Knockouts offer a lot of great opportunity if you know how to trade them well. 
  • But NADEX instruments aren’t like stocks and options where you can use different types entry orders such as stop to enter, nor are there any price trigger orders. 
  • We can trade NADEX “On close” (or rather, on open as NADEX opens back up at 6pm.
  • Of course we can day trade or sit in front of the charts and watch it all day, but most people want an easier solution that they can do a few minutes a day.  So we invented PERPETUALPOPS, PERPETUALPOPS-FX, TERPETUALPOPS-FX and OWP System E-FX to reduce trading to a couple minutes a day – and all trading signals are based on those systems. 

Well with NADEX  you have different styles of trading. You have different expirations. You have different vehicles of trading such as binary options, spreads, small spreads, big spreads, daily spreads, weekly spreads, and you have knockouts which are similar to trading the underlying asset except they have bracket edges  for automated exit triggering.   So with brackets we can day trade or we can swing trade.

As of this typing currently we have a couple different styles of NADEX trading signals. One is an overnight trading signal that runs a trading system that predicts the direction of the next day price movement with good accuracy. We now have two of those systems one is called PERPETUALPOPS  and the other is called TERPETUALPOPS  both of which are different systems in take a different angle of approach.

PERPETUALPOPS and TERPETUALPOPS   are traded with NADEX spreads. They are also traded with NADEX binary options. You can use the Knockouts but sometimes those can be tricky because you can accidentally hit the wrong side of the bracket too early.

With spreads you don’t have to worry about that and even if it goes the wrong way, it can go turn around and produce a profit which actually happens quite often. With the binary options trades, for the next day, all we need to do is cross the in the money point by close and then we get all the profit and usually we target between 100% and 150% profit.

We also now have weekly NADEX signals which means that we swing trade between two and five days types of moves. We focus mostly on Forex because there is a very good weekly spread now on Forex. The Knockouts are weekly but again they can be tricky hitting the wrong side of the brackets.   And there are weekly binary options we can swing trade as well. We have OWP System E – FX  which uses a really good trading system for this style of trading. We’re working on adding others and hopefully those will be up soon. Make sure you join the newsletter to hear the announcement.


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