Weekly Options Signals

Weekly Options Signals

Weekly Options Signals – We Have Several Short Term Options Signals Services.  The 1 and 2 Day Pops Signals Services Use Very Short Term Weekly Options

Weekly options signals are signals based on the underlying stock in coordination with price action on price chart that allows for a higher probability entry and exit on very short-term options that we call weekly options.

Why trade weekly options?

  • It is because they have the potential for large percent returns.
  • It is also because with weekly options, short-term options your delta’s are higher so when you profit you make more money, granted, you don’t go too far out of the money of course.
  • In the money weekly options are cheaper which means you can get a higher delta option for the purpose of making more money faster
  • And of course, they are lower in cost so we can risk less to make more in terms of dollar amount into a trade.  
  • And with certain highly strategic methods that know how to capture high probability, explosive price moves, somewhat out of the money, super cheap options can be trading. 
  • Looking for a weekly options trading system?  Go to Options Trading AUTHORITY and Options Weekly Paychecks.com

On the other hand, with weekly options, you have faster premium decay so therefore in order to smartly trade the weekly options one would look to go further in the money in order to get to higher delta’s for  faster achievement of a 100% delta where premium is less of an issue and to have lower amounts of premium on in the money options. Or trade only the most high velocity short-term moves that can easily surpass the amount paid in at the money premium or out-of-the-money.

If you are going to trade short-term weekly options with out-of-the-money options strikes then you better have a very big move of highest probability. You need to take the most extreme entry points. And if you become very good at doing so you can make very large percent returns.

The objective of trading weekly options at the money or out-of-the-money would be for that very large percent return. But if you don’t get that percent return and you put too much money into the trade then you can have  a larger loss.  

And it’s not that trading in short-term at the money or out-of-the-money weekly options is bad.  It can be great,  if you do so smartly.  The problem is the mentality that comes with those who look too trade short-term out-of-the-money options for the sake of cheapness and getting the biggest bang for the buck.  This mentality can be associated with a greed mentality or a lack,  or poverty mentality, fear of having enough money as well or… just plain stupidity lol, hey we all have our moments don’t we… And yes sometimes stupid wins but stupid usually doesn’t do too well over the medium and long term.   The cheapness mentality historically, usually makes one poor and draws them into all the wrong trades in trading, buying lottery tickets, hoping that the marketplace will be merciful to them for making the wrong trades etc.  There are hundreds of trading books loaded with these inner game mentality concepts. 

If you have a very good solid weekly options strategy or weekly options trading system that is designed to work well with short-term weekly options gives you have a plan, and when you have a plan then probability of success becomes much higher.

With weekly options signals you can have a variety of types of approaches.  We have launched several different weekly options signals services so far and we coordinate high probability, very short-term moves with weekly options.  Most of these weekly options signal services have trades that last around 1-2 days maximum and are a neat way to take advantage of momentum moves in the markets to lock up and stack up profits over time.

Weekly options are used in weekly options signals because they can provide more profit points versus a longer-term option. Some people think that trading longer-term options is more noble but that doesn’t make sense. You have to match up the options expiration, premium and delta’s of the option with the type of move you are playing. And since we trade off of the price charts the moves we are playing are very specific.

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