What the Heck is a OCTPETUALPOP?

OCTPETUALPOPS is based on the “PETUALPOPS”  System where we look to trade one day trades based on the reopen in Forex, Emini futures and NADEX,  or on close with stocks and vanilla options.  

With Forex, Emini futures and NADEX the new day starts at 6 p.m. Eastern time.   With  stocks and vanilla options  we have to get in before the close in order to register  as an overnight hold because you need a $25,000 account or greater to avoid that scam “pattern day trader” rule.

OCTPETUALPOPS trading signals were developed for the purpose of developing a very low workload yet high cash flow stream.  It’s a new systems development in the line of our “PETUALPOPS” systems. 

OCTPETUALPOPS has its own approach that is unique from the others and it has its own power.   You can check out the track records of the different OCTPETUALPOPS  trading signals services in order to get a picture the performance of the system overtime.

Ultimately the goal is to run OCTPETUALPOPS on multiple different instruments in order to create multiple different streams of cash flow withing 1 to 3 minutes for each each night.  And for several instruments we decided to run trading signals  services so you can participate in the OCTPETUALPOPS system too.

Check out more information on our OCTPETUALPOPS trading signals services.

OCTPETUALPOPS Forex Day Trading Signals

OCTPETUALPOPS Forex NADEX Day Trading Signals


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