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Just in Time for Potential Epic Market Drama!  NEW SAMURAI ES S&P Emini Signals Launched!  

SAMURAI ES Emini Trading Signals - ES Micro Futures Trading Signals for Swing Trading

Just in Time for Potential Epic Market Drama!  NEW ES S&P Emini Signals Launched!  

We didn’t know before that so many people like trading ES, S&P e-mini futures. Now we say e-mini futures because they are the most popular. Most people don’t trade the big contract. But a lot of people now are treading the e mini micro contract since most people have a lot less money than they used to have yesteryear. Even ten years ago and twenty years ago people have a lot more money.

For example, most people have no problem buying one of our excellent trading systems at regular price, but nowadays most everyone needs a coupon and a big coupon. But no worries that’s supposed to change relatively soon according to many. And that changes supposed to be for the better, much better, as in you’re going to be wealthy at least to a certain extent.  That’s the story.  I like that story.  How about you?  

Now as wealth comes on the scene or at least greater cash flow and greater value to the money then one thing that is going to be very important is to get that money making money for you instead of blowing it. A lot of people are just going to blow it and that’s their problem, they have to learn their own lessons. But smarter people, like you ;-), are probably going to think about getting your money to make you more money. You don’t want to blow your principal.  You want to cash flow your principal.

So therefore we’re thinking the same way, obviously, and so therefore also we want to get ahead and be there ahead of time to have a plan for everyone and ourselves to do, which is to have these cash flow based trading signals all ready to go and running. So then we all can be very smart with any new wealth that’s supposed to come with this new Golden Age that a lot of people are talking about.

And we like to stay positive so we like to think about the positive result going forward. And supposedly we all manifest just about everything on this planet by our thoughts especially our emotion based thought so I guess we all better start thinking about good things and what we want while turning off I’m getting rid of bad thoughts and those, those things that produce those bad negative thoughts.

Here’s a quick picture of what our new samurai ES emini futures trading signals service can do based on the samurai trading system:

SAMURAI System Results for ES Emini Signals – ES S&P 500 Emini Futures and Micro Futures Signals.

Here is the SAMURAI System for ES Emini Futures.  This is a Swing / Swing Trend type a system.  A swing trend is bigger than a swing and can be thought of as an extended swing. 

Based on the SAMURAI Trading System Taking All Trades in a Row. Sign up and get these trading signals!


ES Emini Futures

 The Trades

The Running Totals

















































1841.5x$50= $92,050 profit on 1 emini contract.  

ES point value is $50.  Each tick of .25 is $12.50 

So if you’re interested in trading ES S&P 500 e-mini futures or if you just interested in new way for potential cash flow generation and wealth building in order to take advantage of various market moves with a precision based trading system then check out SAMURAI ES emini trading signals.

Also for those of you who don’t have a futures account you can get one for the easily. One of the easiest is with AMP futures and they usually have the best margins, where has the margin amount is the amount required to be held in your account to trade that future. And they have micro e-mini futures. But of course you can find whatever futures broker some people just like a specific reference to get started in their research.

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