Best Trading Signals for a Small Account

What’s the Best Type of Trading Signal Service if You Have a Small Account?

“What’s the Best Type of Trading Signal Service if You Have a Small Account?” – a Common Question.   Here is Something to Think About: 

In my opinion the best types of trading signals for a small account would be to trade Emini Futures based trading signal services or NADEX based trading signals services because why because you can use a smaller amount of money per trade. E-mini micro futures has roughly only a $50 margin requirement.

You can get less than a $50 requirement at NADEX it just depends on what you’re Trading.  And you can trade Emini Micro Futures from most futures brokers.   AMP Futures is one place that has good, low margin requirements yet there are many other futures brokers out there as well.  And of course NADEX  is just  If your country doesn’t accept NADEX then you’ll probably be able to find a similar type of exchange in your country.  Otherwise, our NADEX trading signals are based off of the emni futures or Forex pairs so you could trade those instead of NADEX.     Just set a stop loss.

And I almost forgot, Forex signals can be great for those with a smaller account since you can take a smaller position. 

Different people think of size of account in different ways and different amounts. Maybe a small account to you is a big account to someone else. If you’re starting out with a few hundred bucks then you’re going to want to need to use e-mini micro futures or NADEX.

If you have several thousand dollars and you could use options and just trade small contract amounts.

Do keep in mind that all trading is risk. You could do super well and keep on doing well being able to compound your trading account up to extraordinary levels. Or you could do miserably when you first get started out. In fact you could start a trading signal service or start trading a trading system right at the worst time or the slowest time and not have enough money to make it through the slow time into the fast super profitable times. That’s just how it works in trading.

Technically you can call trading gambling and if you take a professional gamblers approach you would do much better. There are trading books about that. That said everything else in life is a gamble. People think that certain things are safe and secure but they’re not.  Every single thing in this life has risk. So we all just need to be smart and become smarter at the risks we take so we win more than we lose and become a net profitable person.

Okay, besides the negative risk talk, we all have to define what we want and focus only on that. In fact, if you only focus on risk, and small losses, guess what you’re probably going to experience in your trading?  That’s right!  Lots of small losses.  It’s quite interesting how things tend to manifest in trading so readily.  

One of our foci these days is to develop multiple streams of cash flow.  Most of our trading signal services are focused on turning each trading service into a cash flow stream for our subscribers and for us as we look to trade our own signals.   So the way to approach this is to sign up and start watching several signal services in real time.  Even better, demo trade them, because then you’ll experience what those signals services over time and you’ll come to believe in them as you experience those signal services working in a solid way. 

As of this typing, we have kept our signals prices really low due to a rough economy.  And of course, once that rough economy is over then we raise them.  But for now, as of this typing at least, prices are low.  So you can sign up and study a couple or a few signal services at the same time. But DO pay attention and either paper trade them or demo trade them.   Because once you find a signal service or many signal services that can work for you then, presto, you’re set!   Just compound profits over time to grow greater rates of cash flow while compounding up net worth. 

Here are some great trading signals services to look at as you are starting out

  1. OWP System E – FX




  5. SAMURAI ES – S&P 500 Emini Trading Signals

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