Can You Make Money With Trading Signals

Can You Make Money With Trading Signals?

Can You Make Money With Trading Signals?

Well, of course you can make money with trading signals.

You could also lose money with trading signals. Both statements are fair. And of course you want to make money with trading signals and make a lot of it. Understand that a trading signal service can be a really, really good thing. It doesn’t necessarily promise you or guarantee you future performance or a future guaranteed money. That’s the thing.

But if you use a good trading signals service for what it is, then you’ve “struck gold” because a good trading signal service can make life a lot easier while helping make you much more wealthy. 

A lot of people want the “Sure Sure Thing”. But at least so far in this life, it seems like if you go for the sure sure guaranteed thing, then you get in trouble. Have you ever noticed that?  It’s like a trap. 

There are a lot of people out there who get dressed up in ties and speak with a well rounded, formal sounding accent to make themselves sound official and sophisticated, educated and superior. And over the years and they’ve been telling you about what is safe and secure and guaranteed.

But if you’ve been watching these polished people over time, you have probably realized that most if not all of their talk tends to be a bunch of hot air, after you’ve gained more experience in the markets, actually trading and actually making money.  You need a better edge.  You need a real time edge.  That’s where a good trading signals service can be helpful.

We’ve been developing trading systems for over 30 years. And so we’ve seen these repeatable tendencies in the markets that just keep happening over and over year after year, decade after decade, etc.

There are certain actions and reactions in the market have been happening even over 100 years of available chart data.

And so the trick is to line up your entry and exits with those tendencies so you can take advantage of the percent frequency of winning actions caused by those type of historical price action moves in order to mathematically net out a profit.

So let me say that in a different way. We need to turn trading into a money game of sorts where you can obtain a certain historical consistency of winning by trading a certain pattern or combination of patterns over and over.  And we need to trade these patterns or combination of patterns consistently.  So then therefore, we place a fitting trade position size on each one of these trading setups as they come along, without missing any, and we look to net out a profit due to the sheer math of winning and losing averages in combination with proper position sizing relative to size of the trading account being used. 

Also, you can think about making money in trading by finding good trading signal services or a good trading system that has had a certain consistency over time.

You’ll want to watch those signals and paper trade them to make sure that consistency of behavior in the signals is there before going forth in starting to place trades with real money, starting very small position sizes along with those trading signals.

Now amateurs can tend to get emotional and throw a temper tantrum if they aren’t winning right away and winning every day, so they usually panic out. Also amateurs you will usually join a trading signal service when the trading signal service is at a lull and then when they get in at the lull, the slow times, they then quit early.  As soon as they quit, the market starts taking off again and the signals start doing super well making lots of profit profits. That’s just how it is with any trading system as well.  One sees the big, fast moves happening.  They get excited.  They get involved, but right as the big moves stop happening.  The trick is to get in and be ready in the boring times so you can be there as the big moves get started.  So keep that in mind to help you become more successful.

When someone learns how to trade a trading system, this is what they do when they are following their emotions.  And what emotions are they following? Usually fear when they’re looking for the sure thing, the safe thing which is a pursuit of fear. And fear is one of the biggest traps in the marketplace.

A lot of people talk about greed. But for most traders, you could argue that fear is 98% of the problem. Greed can be taken care of very easily by learning how to use a profit taking trail stop.

So in order to keep this article shorter in order to focus on finding out how to make money with trading signals, what you’re going to have to do is you’re gonna have to study a bunch of different trading signals services. And then just simply join the trading signal services that you like. You don’t have to trade right away and you probably should not.  Get a feel for the trading signals service.

What you should do is start to paper trade the signals and you want to see if the signals match what’s represented on the track record overall. I say overall, because markets can slow up and speed down. They could be moving smoothly or they could just be in a choppy phase. It all goes back and forth. And in order to make money with trading signals or a trading system, you have to go through all these phases with your consistent approach to trade. Doesn’t that make sense?

But the trick is to have the practice at first by paper trading in order to correctly trade the trading signals or any trading system, and then turn it into a habit. Once you can do that. Then you can look into starting to move on with small amounts of money. The effort is definitely worth it because if one good trading signal service can work for you over time, then you are set. 

All you need to do with a solid trading signal service is increase your trading position size as your trading account grows on a trading system or trading signal service that has performed consistently well. As the trading signal service or trading system continues on with good performance then could make fortunes that way.

So you can check out some of our trading signal services below. We have been making trading signal services of recent in order to create cash flow and wealth development programs.

We focus each trading signal service on one asset only because doing so seems to have worked the best for most people. So each trading signal service is a program  of it’s own and can be treated as a trading business of its own.  Understand that we have made these trading signal services for our own trading as well. We have a big project going on and you may be interested in getting involved in learning these trading signal services and starting to follow them. Here are some links below.

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