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Trading Signals Types

Trading signal types: we have a variety of trading signal types that run our various trading systems.

Many of the trading signals services offered by demand as in many people like certain types of trading signal services versus others.

Usually what we are seeing is that a lot of people like this short-term trading signals. Most people don’t have any sort of longer-term perspective and so they want fast money or they at least want to try to get it. Some others like the shorter term signals because they want excitement and action. And you know what? That’s okay.

We do want to emphasize to our students though, that it is very smart to have a medium and long-term plan for wealth development. So therefore swing trading signals and trend trading signals also position trading signals are important to use.

One particular method that has done very well and is in line with this Cash Flow ENFORCER concept that we are trying to develop is the one day pop or the two-day pop signal. Many of these trading signal services below are one day pop signals servivces meaning that the trade is only one day in duration or 2 days if a 2 day pop. You get in before the open and then you get out before the close or you have a price based entry trigger such as a buy stop or sell shortstop enter order to enter or a contingent order trigger for options in order to enter you into a position automatically and then you just get out before close. Some brokers will let you use a time-based order such as the contingent order to get out before close at a certain time.

Now why would we get out one or two days later? Well we have systems that are optimized to do so not for the sake of some sort of gimmick to get out one or two days later but more so for the sake of trying to make more cash flow!  We’re here to profit more overall, aren’t you?

Now that said some of these signal services such as the one day pop and other signal services do focus on lifestyle and convenience. Since nadex doesn’t have any sort of entry or exit trigger mechanism built into their platform the only way we can have convenience is to enter position and let it go to expiration.

We have some other powerful swing trading signal services which are really great such as  SAMURAI, PUNNK’D, OWP System E, CRUSHER8, STELLAR9  TRENDCORE ect.

And speaking of the one day trade or two day trade we have rolled out some more breakout pops style signals called a “breakout pop”. The breakout pop means that we do not get in on close or on open but we have a buy stop or sell shortstop to enter trigger for the next day. So the next day’s price action has to achieve a certain breakout level in order for us to enter. Overtime these methods of the breakout pop have proven to be more stable.

Check out our various signal services below and you can contact us if you have any questions, if you need help in finding what you ideally are looking for. Also if you have suggestions let us know. We are continually looking to improve and perfect website.


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